Mr. David Yerkes



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. David Yerkes

I currently teach English and Spanish at Great Oak High School in Temecula, CA. Outside of class, I am the adviser for Journalism Club and the Great Oak Gazette. My other passions include soccer, basketball, and cornhole. Mr. Horton and I won the inaugural staff cornhole tournament in May of 2018. 

I've been a teacher since 1999, when you still had to actually to talk to people on the phone if you wanted to meet up at 7-Eleven for Slurpees or Denny's for mozzarella sticks. (Starbucks, Yogurtland, and Chipotle were yet to take over suburban America.)

On days when it's hot outside, I like to bundle up like a writer when no one is looking. Some of my favorite writers are Langston Hughes, Tennessee Williams, and Eduardo Galeano. By the end of the year, my students are bound to have written a couple original poems or stories of their own.

Mr. Yerkes posing as a poet