Ms. Christa Rudd

Phone: (951) 695-4200 ext. 352


Degrees and Certifications:

Master in Special Education, GCU Bachelors in Psychology, SDSU

Ms. Christa Rudd

Welcome!  My name is Christa Rudd.  I am honored to be a member of the Chaparall faculty for my 3rd year! As a Special Education teacher at Chaparral, I have taught English 10, US History, World History, Pre-Algebra, and Foundations of Academic Success.  This year, I am happy to be teaching Algebra Extended C/D, and will be the case carrier for 9th and 10th graders. 

A Little Backgroud

My interest in Special Education began as a young grauate of San Diego State University where I was hired as a Behavior Speicalist at a middle school in San Diego.  I provided academic and behavior support to students within a Special Day Class specifically designed to assist Severely Emotionally Disturbed students, which focused primarily on behavior modification. Using the bachelor's degree I earned in psychology as my primary resource to provide services to my students, it quickly became clear to me that Special Education was where I belonged. However, motherhood soon took a front seat to my career, and as a result, after a few years in special education, I decided to be a mother full time.  

After having 2 children and a 10 year career as a Stay-at-Home Mom, I felt the need to return to the workforce and the world of education.  Following my very first job interview in over 10 years, I was hired as an Instructional Assistant in the Resource program at La Vorgna Elementary School.  And it didn't take long for my love of special education to be re-ignited! It was then I made the decision to persue my Master's degree in Special Education. 

My Teaching Philosophy

I am proud to say my first teaching position was offered to me here at Chaparral, and I am beyond happy to continue to be a member of the Puma family for my 3rd consecutive year as a Special Educaiton teacher, and my 2nd consecutive year as a Resource teacher!

My teaching philosophy, while focused on a student's individual academic needs, is primarily intended to prepare my students for a world beyond Chaparral High School.  My ultimate goal as your student's teacher, is to provide them with tools and strategies that will help them realize their full potential in order to reach their goals and become independent, responsible, successfull adults beyond the walls of Chaparral High. 

My teaching philosophy's foundation is based on developing a student's independence and accountability while fostering a motivated mindset that promotes both self-determination and self-advocacy.  It is my firm belief that it is with these qualities that students reach their fullest potential and are able to maximize their personal successes. Therefore, it is a primary goal of mine, as their teacher and/or case carrier, to teach my students to persue their goals, both academic or otherwise, with a positive attitude that focuses on effort, accountability, responsiblity and independence

Accompanying the self-determination philosophy, I strongly believe in developing meaningful relationships with each one of my students and their families.  It is with respect and understanding that we, together; you, the student and I, are able to work towards your student's individual needs and goals.  I often incorporate humor and personal stories into my interactions with students, and welcome the same from them, as I believe creating a fun, safe, and welcoming learning environment is just as paramount to academic growth, as is fostering a solid teacher/student relationship based on shared goals and mutual respect.

This Year

I am excited about the year to come, and look forward to working with your student!  It is important as a parent/guardian yourself, to remember that I am a parent as well.  Currently my boys are both teenagers; one 8th grader, and one 11th grader who is a fellow Puma, and has the great forutne of attending high school where his mother teaches (at least I think so!). As a fellow TVUSD/Chaparral parent, I know how important it is to have teachers who genuinely care about my child's succes, and how critical it is to establish a relationship that encourages communication and collaboration.  I would like to emphasize and reinforce the idea that we are a team, and as such, we are working together to ensure your child's success here at Chaparral and beyond.  Please know I am here for your child, and will do all I can to help ensure their time at Chaparral High School is purposeful, meaningful, memorable, and full of growth and success!

Here's to a great year!

Ms. Rudd