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Ms. Joy Cruz



Effective Mon 4/20, all distance learning assignments will be posted in Google Classroom at the start time of each period according to the block schedule:

Periods 1 and 3 start at 8:30

Periods 2 and 4 start at 9:45

Periods 5 and 6 start at 11:00).

All assignments will be due within 2 days (48 hours) of the start time for that period. Any work submitted late (after the due date time but before 96 hours (4 days) from the assigned start time) will earn half credit. Any work submitted after 96 hours (4 days) from the assigned start time will not be graded at all (no credit). For example, if you are in Period 1, Monday's assignment will be posted at 8:30 am and you must turn in your work before 8:30 am on Wednesday to earn full credit. However, if you turn in your work on Wednesday after 8:30 am (more than 48 hours after the assignment start time), then it will be considered late and you will only earn half credit. If you turn your work in on Friday after 8:30 am (more than 96 hours after the assignment start time), then it will not be graded at all (no credit).

Your updated/current grades from 4/6 through the end of the semester will be posted in Google Classroom. At the end of the semester I will adjust your Infinite Campus percent and grade to reflect the work you completed/grades earned in Google Classroom.

*PARENTS: You will need to ask your student to log into Google Classroom in order for you to check his/her grades since I will not be using Infinite Campus to do so.  I will still post the CW/HW assignments on my website Biology Calendar so you know what was assigned each day.

As always, I am available by email Monday-Thursday 8:30-1:00 and Fridays 8:30-10:45.  I will still check my email after these times and on the weekend, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

TVUSD Distance Learning Classroom Code of Conduct:              

If you still have not joined Google Classroom to participate in the distance learning lessons, please do immediately.  Make sure to use the correct code for your period.  If you join the wrong period, I will not be able to correct any of your assignments and update your Google Classroom grade.

Period 2:  7k5o22f

Period 3:  k5uqpu5

Period 4:  sc3ea77

Period 5:  b5fh4wl

Period 6:  5tqturv

If you were absent on Fri 3/13 and did not get the Ch 15 homework packet that was passed out, you can access them here on my website in the Biology B Printouts (Ch 15 HW Packet).  The Ch 15 HW Packet will be due on 4/6.  I will be setting up Google Classroom for you to submit your assignments.  Students that did not take the Ch 13 Test will need to take it the day classes resume.

1.  DO NOT do/finish the Weird Nature: Animal Adaptations Video (we will finish it when classes resume)

2.  Read 15.1 and do the R&SG 15.1 Wkst

3.  Read 15.2 and do the R&SG 15.2 Wkst

4.  Do the Stickbird Lab.  Stickbirds collected the colored Stickworms hiding in the green grass.  Use the data in Data Table 1 for Groups 1-9 (there is no Group 10) to calculateand fill in:  Add up all the group data for each color Stickworm collected to get the Class Total.  Calculate the Class Average (Class Total divided by 33 Stickbirds) and round to nearest whole number.  For the number of Stickworms you collected use the following data: 5 Red, 3 Yellow, 1 Green, and 1 Blue.  Graph (landscape way) your individual data vs class averages for each color Stickworms.  Must use the increments:  2 squares = 1 Stickworm.  Both sets of data (class avg. vs your individual) should be on the same graph!  See Graphing Requirements (Biology A Printouts) for all things that must be on your graph to get full credit.  Hint:  First you have to decide whether to draw a bar graph or line graph (read p. 1099-1100). Once that's decided, you have to graph your individual data and then on the same graph do the class averages.  Textbook p.20 has an example of a bar graph with 2 sets of data; p.1100 has a line graph with 2 sets of data. Make sure to use colored pencils and a ruler.  Neatness and accuracy count! 

5.  Watch HHMI BioInteractive Video and answer questions on the wkst.  Make sure to type in the exact URL that is on the wkst.

6.  Read 15.1 and Do Lab 38 Evidence of Evolution.  For Part I #1a, look on p. 401 for example of how to color code the 6 diagrams.  You will need to use 6 different colored pencils (not pens or crayons) to neatly color each of the 6 homologous structures in each organism.  Answer all questions on the front/back.  For Table 1, you will need to go online and look up what the function of each structure is.  When answering "Why vestigial?" DO NOT write "because it's not needed."  That is the definition of vestigial!  Indicate why that structure is not needed in humans (why we can live without it).

If you have any questions regarding any of the assignments, please email me ASAP!


Perseverance is the key to success! 

DO YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR REQUIRED DAILY MATERIALS?  Pen, pencil, metric ruler, calculator, and notebook paper.  Basic set of colored pencils (not pens or crayons) only when told to bring to class.  

DID YOU CHECK OUT YOUR BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK FROM THE LIBRARY (before school, lunch, or after school)?  You can't do your homework if you don't have your textbook!

Some things to remember if you want to be successful in this class:  always come to class prepared with your printouts from my website and add additional notes to the printouts during lectures, read the textbook for comprehension, complete and turn in ALL work on time (by the tardy bell), do the study guides/test previews AND study, study, study!  Make flashcards of the vocabulary and have someone verbally test you on them daily.  Form study groups.  Don't procrastinate.  Take advantage of any extra credit (especially the Bonus points for participation).  And lastly, ask for help as soon as you don't understand something.  You can see me at the end of the period, during CAT 30, or after school by appointment.  If you need a Peer Tutor for Biology or any other subject, please get a tutoring slip in Mrs. Shea's room (464), Mrs. Ruiz's room (415) or the counseling office.  Lastly, refer to the Performance Checklist (on the course syllabus) for additional things you can do to improve your grade.  

Please check your grades on Infinite Campus weekly and let me know if there are any discrepancies ASAP!  Grades are usually updated by 5 pm every other Friday.  Remember, I do not accept late work unless it is due to an absence or prior arrangements have been made with me to turn it in on an alternate date.  Please note the comment codes for assignments.  A blank (no score) means that the assignment needs to be made up ASAP.  If the assignment was worth only 2 points, then it was only graded for completion.  Since Infinite Campus does not have a "check, check minus, minus" scoring, a check = 2 points, a check minus = 1 point, and a minus = 0 points.  If the assignment was worth 0 points, then it was counted as extra credit.

If you are absent, please check the calendar to see whether or not you need to bring anything to class on the day you return (materials, textbook, proper footwear/attire for labs, etc.).  On the day you return, make sure to check the Bellwork at the beginning of the period and let me know what specific assignments you need.  You must also turn in at the beginning of the period any work that was due during your absence and make arrangements to make up any labs, tests, or quizzes ASAP.