Conni Dominguez

Phone: 951-302-5188 ext 4305


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Liberal Studies with a Social Science Supplemental. Master's in Educational Administration

Conni Dominguez

Welcome. This is my 15th year teaching in TVUSD. I started at the elementary level and then I was able to make the move to the middle school teaching my favorite subject. My goal is for all students to succeed, and communication is very important to achieve that goal. If you have questions, email is the fastest and easiest way to reach me. I look forward to working with all of my families and I hope that my students fall in love with history.


  • Semester Final on Friday, May 31

    Comp Book due May 31

    Last day to accept missing work on May 31


    Unit 7 Table of Contents

    4-9            Lesson 26 Pre-reading                 pg. 1

    4-9            Lesson 26 VS & SG                      pg. 2

    4-10          Q&A                                            pg. 3

    4-12          Lesson 27 Pre-reading                  pg. 4

    4-12          Lesson 27 VS & SG                      pg. 5

    4-18           Lesson 28 Pre-reading                 pg. 6

    4-18           Lesson 28 VS & SG                      pg. 7

    4-24          Lesson 29 Pre-Reading                   pg. 8

    4-24           Lesson 29 VS & SG                        pg. 9

    5-16           Lesson 30 Pre-reading                   pg. 10

    5-16           Lesson 30 Vocab Sort                    pg. 11

    5-16           Final Study Guide                          pg. 12



  • Friday, May 17
    Classwork-ISN pgs. 256-258
    Homework- unfinished classwork 

    Monday, May 20
    Classwork-  Mesoamerican Achievement Project
    Homework- The rest of the vocabulary on the Final study guide, bring supplies to work on the project in class if necessary.

    Tuesday, May 21
    Classwork- continue work on the project
    Homework- Final study Guide #1-13

    Wednesday, May 22
    Classwork- same as yesterday
    Homework- Final Study Guide #14-26

    Thursday- May 23
    Classwork- Project presentations
    Homework- study

    Friday- May 24
    Classwork- finish presentations
    Homework- study


    Monday, May 27
    Holiday- No School

    Tuesday, May 28
    Classwork- Review for the final
    Homework- Review for the final

    Wednesday, May 29
    Classwork- Review for the final
    Homework- Review for the final

    Thursday, May 30
    Classwork- Final pt. 2

    Friday, May 31
    Classwork- Final pt. 1


    Monday, June 3
    Classwork- Extreme Games
    Homework- none

    Tuesday, June 4
    Classwork- Explorer Mural
    Homework- none

    Wednesday, June 5
    Classwork- Explorer Mural
    Homework- none

    Thursday, June 6(modified day out at 12:25)
    Classwork- game day (bring your board games for the day)
    Homework- none

    Friday, June 7(modified day out at 12:25)
    Classwork-Kahoot, teacher report card

    HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER!!! See you back August 14th