• Second Semester, information for Mrs. Cadman's Math Classes will be shared out through Google Classroom.  Students log in through their CLEVER app, making sure to sign up for the following classes:



    Math 8 – Calendar


    Math 8 – Class Lessons


    Math 7 – Calendar


    Math 7 – Class Lessons



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  • Homework Policy Update Semester 2 - Math 7, Math 8, Compacted 6

    Beginning second semester, the way homework practice is checked and scored will change.  

    • Homework Practice will still be assigned most days of the week.
    • Students are expected to complete Homework Practice daily, check answers on the teacher website, and ask for clarification the following day on problems not fully understood.
    • Homework Practice will continue to represent 10% of the final class grade.
    • Homework Practice will be checked for completion once a week on Fridays and scored according to the following rubric with 5 points possible each week:

    Weekly Points Earned



    Everything complete. Work shown. Corrections made.


    80%+ complete. Work shown. Corrections made.


    50 - 80% complete. Work shown. Corrections made.


    < 50% complete. Work shown. Corrections made.


    < 50% complete. No work shown. Corrections not made.


    No work. Missing work.

    • No late Homework Practice will be checked (unless late due to excused absence).  
    • A Homework Practice Check will be given once a week on Fridays (unless otherwise noted).
    • Homework Practice Checks will consist of problems very similar or identical to the Homework Practice problems assigned during the week and will be worth 10 points.
    • If absent on Homework Practice Check day, it is the student’s responsibility to make plans with the teacher to have Homework Practice scored and complete the Homework Practice Check by Tuesday of the following week.  This can be done before/after school, at lunch, or during PRIDE by making arrangements with the teacher.

    Please note: Last semester, classwork was a part of the Homework Practice category in the grading program.  This semester, classwork will be placed in the Projects & Tasks category (20%) in the grading program.

    Practice is essential in solidifying concepts and skills taught during the school day.  Most students should not be spending more than 30 minutes in the afternoon working on Math practice, but note that students behind on skills and concept understanding may have to spend more time than the average student.  If you are spending more than an hour every day on the practice, make time to speak with the teacher so we can work together to address the issue. (While consistent practice is important, spending hours on it leads to frustration and is counter-productive.)

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 Andrea Cadman

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Andrea Cadman

Hello! My name is Andrea Cadman and I have been teaching middle school students since 1991 - over a quarter of a century!!  WOW!! 

It is important that students, parents, and the teacher have clear communication between them and that class information and resources are readily available.  This website will be the main source of class information and my communication with you.  Here you will find daily assignments, class presentations (the daily lessons), reminders, tools and resources, copies of important letters, informational articles and more. 

Please familiarize yourself with this page.  If you have any suggestions regarding content, please let me know.  I am always looking to improve and make it the best resource for students and parents.