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Degrees and Certifications:

BA History - St.Thomas University BA Mathematics - CSUSB MA Education - Pepperdine University

Mr. Robert Eilek

"The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day."

O.A. Battista

  • "Every passion has its destiny."

    Billy Mills/Olympic Gold Medalist 10,000 meters

Assignment Calendar

8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

  • Social Studies will cover chapters 3-21. During the first semester, we will address chapters 3-12 and during the second semester, we will explore chapters 13-21. The breakdown is as follows:

    First Semester:

    Chapter 4: The Colonies Develop 1700-1753
    Chapter 5: Beginnings of an American Identity 1689-1763
    Chapter 6: Road to Revolution 1763-1176
    Chapter 7: American Revolution 1776-1783
    Chapter 8: Confederation to Constitution 1776-1791


    Chapter 9: Launching a New Republic 1789-1800
    Chapter 10: Jefferson Era 1800-1816
    Chapter 11: National and Regional Growth 1800-1844
    Chapter 12: Age of Jackson 1824-1840

    Second Semester:

    Chapter 13: Manifest Destiny 1810-1853
    Chapter 14: New Spirit of Change 1820-1860
    Chapter 15: The Nation Breaking Apart 1846-1861
    Chapter 16: Civil War Begins 1861-1862
    Chapter 17: Tide of War Turns 1863-1865
    Chapter 18: Reconstruction 1865-1877
    Chapter 19: Growth in the West 1860-1900
    Chapter 20: An Industrial Society 1860-1914
    Chapter 21: Changes in American Life 1880-1914 


  • Loose leaf paper, three-ring binder with dividers, two dry erase markers, two #2 pencils, two blue or black ink pens, two red ink pens. 


  • Advisement
    Period 1: 8th Grade Social Studies
    Period 2: Prep
    Period 3: 8th Grade Social Studies
    Period 4: 8th Grade Social Studies
    Period 5: 8th Grade Social Studies
    Period 6: 8th Grade Social Studies
    Period 7: P.R.I.D.E. (Tuesday - Thursday) 

Student Planners

  • Temecula Middle School will provide each child with a student planner (binder reminder).  It is to be filled out completely by the end of each day including the homework for the night and any other important school information.  


Classroom Expectations

  • Our classroom rules are as follows:

    1. Respect others' feelings and personal belongings.
    2. Follow all directions.
    3. Complete all assignments on time.
    4. There will be no bad language.
    5. No gum, hats, or inappropriate clothing will be permitted in class.
    6. All equipment and property are to be treated properly.

    Consequences for misbehavior:

    1. First offense: Verbal warning
    2. Second offense: 30 minute after school detention; 24 hour advance notice of detention will be sent to parents via phone call or detention slip sent home with child.
    3. Third offense: In-school suspension


  • All assignments are graded using a point system.  Daily assignments are generally worth 10 points. Chapter tests range from 100-200 points. We will have one final examination duringeach semester. We use a "weighted" grading scale with assessments (tests, quizzes, projects) worth 90% of the final grade. Homework and classwork (referred to as practice) will be worth the  10%.  Note: There will be no extra credit opportunities and unexcused late work will not be permitted.  Letter grades will be assigned to the following percentages:

    A: 90-100%
    B: 80-89%
    C: 70-79%
    D:  60-69%
    F: 0-59% 

Late Work Policy

  • Late work is not accepted unless a student is absent or there are other mitigating circumstances.  It is the student's responsibility to check with me regarding for class work that is missed.  Please call or e-mail me if an emergency occurs and I need to make an exception to the no late work policy.   

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    -Margaret Mead

8th Grade Social Studies Textbook

8th Grade Social Studies Textbook


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