Mr. Edward Carbajal

Phone: 951-302-5151 ext. 3920


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Elementary Education MA in Mathematics Education

Mr. Edward Carbajal

Hello Bobcats!  Welcome to my page.  I look forward to teaching you math this year.  I promise to do my best to give you opportunities to learn the basics and then apply those skills to more challenging activities that will make you smarter.  I want to prepare you for high school so that you can have a successful life.  Let me explain how I came to be your math teacher this year here at TMS.

In the late 90's, I was a special education teacher in Seattle, WA.  During that time, I noticed that math was my favorite subject to teach.  I decided to make that my focus.  A friend of mine was teaching in Pasadena, CA and recommended I relocate to Southern California.  I took his advice and became a high school math teacher at La Salle High School in Pasadena.  After a couple of years of teaching high school, I started to miss middle school students and decided to switch back.  My only focus has been middle school math since 2001.  In 2004, I went to graduate school and earned a master's degree in mathematics education.  I was teaching in Glendale, CA when I met my wife.

After I married in 2007, I wanted to move to a place that is perfect for raising a family.  I did my research and found this amazing place called Temecula.  I was fortunate enough to get a position as a middle school math teacher at TMS in 2007.  I have been here at TMS ever since. 

I have set up a system of teaching, tutoring and testing that has helped many students that formerly failed math finally experience success.  However, I always change things a little each year based on successes and failures from the previous year.  I try to keep the lessons and teaching strategies that work and let go of the ones that do not.  I guarantee I will work very hard for you.  I trust you will do the same.  Please see the file "How to Raise Your Grade" to learn what you can do to help yourself succeed this year. 

That's it for my brief biography.  I am excited for 19-20.  Let's do this!!!