Mrs. Pamela Gibbs

Phone: 951-695-7370, X4044


Degrees and Certifications:

BA -- Psychology MA -- Education Credentials -- Single Subject-English, Single Subject-History, Multiple Subject

Mrs. Pamela Gibbs

I have been teaching at Margarita Middle School for 24 years, mostly Language Arts but some Social Studies classes as well. I especially love working with 8th grade students. I have three credentials, one multiple subject and two single subject - LA + SS. I have finished my Masters degree from CSUSM; originally I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA. On a personal level, I am married to an engineer with the Navy and have 3 children. I have two wonderful boys, aged 33 and 30; both have been in college under the GI bill, one in California and the other in Florida. I also have a great daughter, 26, who graduated from San Francisco State. In our spare time, we love to hike, camp, ski, and water ski. Personally, I love to paint, read, cross-stitch, Zumba/U-Jam, ballroom dance, draw, and paddleboard. MMS has a wonderful staff; it is a pleasure to work here.


  • Vocabulary for 11/5/18

    Eradicate -- Doctors Without Borders hope to eradicate certain diseases.

    Scrupulous -- The teacher scrupulously graded the narratives.

    Solace -- She found solace in memories of her grandmother.

    Perplexity -- The students had perplexed looks on their faces.

    Tapestry -- The tapestry of the maiden and the unicorn is my favorite.

    Surreptitious -- He was surreptitious when sneaking some cookies.

    Pensively -- The woman sadly and pensively stared out the window.

    Stereotype -- The stereotype of the snobby cheerleader is not true.

    Improvisation -- The improvisation workshop helped their acting.

    Embellishment -- The seamstress added embellishments to the wedding dress.


    Please do the previous 10 words plus:

    Expostulate -- In the debate, he expostulated to make his point.

    Pernicious -- Cats have a pernicious desire to destroy mice.

    Inured -- He inured himself to the terrible frozen tundra.

    Discursive -- Her conversation was always discursive and rambling.

    Exuberant -- Students were exuberant about writing narratives.


  • 8LA

    50 AR points each semester -- these will be computed through student-created tests **



    100 AR points each semester -- these will be computed through student-created tests **


    ** Go to to locate point totals

  • 8LA

    • Study Vocabulary -- 11/16
    • Take home boxes


    • Lit. Circles -- 11/26
    • Study Vocabulary -- 11/16
    • Take home projects