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  • Medieval World History: The Fall of Rome until the Enlightenment Images



  • Need Additional Information

    Everything you need is probably on this page; however, if you need anything further, please email me at cnewell@tvusd.k12.ca.us

  • Using current pedagogy, this class is designed for your child to be successful!

    • No assignment or assessment is graded below 50%
    • Retakes on tests with completion of study guides 
    • Minimum C on retake of test if student completes study guide by deadline
    • Assignments (not assessments) are graded on effort
    • Assignments are not graded until right before the test; therefore students have weeks before most assignments are due
    • Students collaborate on most assignments with fellow classmates
    • Only homework is completion of class assignments and studying
    • Students are given entire class periods to complete quizzes and tests
    • Students are assigned review crosswords before tests
    • 10% bonus points on tests and assignments
    • Quizzes are open work
    • Test questions come from quiz questions
    • Lowest quiz score dropped
    • Assignments are listed on calendar (see above)
    • Notes are online (see below)
    • Focus on the 4C's - "Super Skills" for the 21st Century: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

    What defines success is different for different people. Not every student will earn an A; however, a C should be attainable to any 7th grade level student who shows commitment.  

  • Textbook 

    The students should have a textbook in their possession. Additionally, they have access to an online version which has additional resources that they can access from their Clever account. I have a class set of textbooks, so they do not need to bring their texts to class.

  • Retake Policy

    The test questions come from the quiz questions; consequently, the tests are retakes of quizzes; therefore, there will not be retake of quizzes! 

    To retake a test the students will have two weeks after the test to complete a retake study guide. If a student properly completes the study guide within the two week post-test time period, the student will have earned the opportunity to retake the test! Just by properly completing the study guide on time, the test will be raised to a minimum of a C, and should a student get a higher grade, that grade will count up to 100%! If the study guide is turned in late, the test will be raised to a C-, and no retake will occur.

  • Retake Study Guides


     Will be available after each unit test. Completion of the study guide is required to retake a test. Students need to complete the study guide within 2 weeks after the date of the test.


     Asia Retest Study Guide

  • Quizzes and Tests

    Quizzes are open work!: students can look at their own assignments while taking the quizzes. They cannot use their texts nor any material that was created using a printer.

    Tests are not open work!

    Missed quizzes will be made up on the day of the next quiz. If it the last quiz before the test, it will be made up as soon as possible. Tests will also be made up as soon as possible.

  • Homework

    •There are no homework assignments.  However, students often need to complete class assignments and read the textbook lessons at home.

    •Students should study their assignments nightly, as needed.  Quiz and test scores should be the determining factor in regards to the amount of time spent studying.

  • Positive Behavior

    Discipline will vary with the seriousness of the transgression. Generally, a student in violation of the rules will receive a warning; if the student does not desist in the errant behavior, an official warning (a.k.a. low level referral) will occur. On the fourth official warning or low level referral, parent contact will occur. The fifth violation of class expectations will result in an office referral.


  • Composition and Workbooks Policy

    Composition books and workbooks are required in class each and every day.

  • Make-up Work

    For an absence, simply click on the date on the calendar. If there are any special instructions, there will be a link or file attached. 

  • Grades

     No Zero Grade Policy: The lowest score entered into Infinite Campus will be 50%

    Classwork is worth 10% of the grade. 
    Quizzes are worth 20% of the grade.
    Tests are worth 50% of the grade.
    Semester finals are worth 20% of the grade.
    89.5-100% equals an A
    79.5-89.4% equals a B
    69.5-79.4% equals a C
    59.5-69.4% equals a D
    below 59.5% is an F.
  • Citizenship and Work Habits

     Citizenship grade is subjective. It is my opinion of your child's behavior.

    • O = Outstanding 
    • S = Satisfactory
    • N = Needs Improvement
    • U = Unsatisfactory

    Work Habits is based on the classwork completion average.

    • O = 87.5% and above
    • S = 75% - 87.4%
    • N = 62.5% - 74.9%
    • U = Below 62.5%
  • A Semester is a Marathon, not a Sprint

    In a marathon, a runner can fall down and still do well; however, if the runner does not get up or falls down again and again, the runner will not do well. In my class, a student can miss an assignment or fail a quiz or test and still do well; however, if the student does not try or fails again and again, the student will not do well.

  • 7th Grade can be a difficult year for adolescents.

    Do not be surprised if your child behaves in ways that you have never witnessed before. This is normal. Keep an eye on Infinite Campus for all of your child's classes. Unfortunately, bad choices are typical for children going through adolescence. Catch the missteps early before they become an established behavior.

  • Supplies

    Pencils, a pencil-sharpener with cover, and something to hold handouts (three-ring binder, folder, etc...; doesn't need to be Social Studies specific).

Semester One Grade Chart 2018-2019



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Chris Newell

•Born in Chicago

•Age 10: moved to California

•B.A. in History from CSUN

•Spent 1 semester in China

•Backpacked through southeast Asia

•Worked in insurance

•Backpacked through Mexico, Central America, western and eastern Europe, and the Near East

•Travelled around the U.S.

•Teaching credential from CSUN

•Married with 2 children

•Opened GMS

​​​​​​​Masters from Concordia University