Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Paula Mead

Welcome to language arts.  It is an honor for me to teach your children about the creativity, critical thinking, and organization skills required within the language arts curriculum.  6th grade language arts includes a focus on four major units of study: narrative, central idea, argument, and expository writing. Each unit encourages students to develop their reading and writing skills as well as learn how to collaborate with other students, completing a variety of projects and activities.

I started my teaching career in 1997, teaching high school English in Orange County at La Quinta High School.  From there I moved to Spain where I opened a small English academy near Pamplona.  I worked with both adults and children, teaching English as a second language as well as business English.  I loved living in Spain and spent four years there, learning Spanish and immersing myself in a culture much different than my own.  After leaving Spain, I moved to Temecula on 2006 and began working as a middle school teacher.  

I invest my summer months in traveling and I have visited more than 40 countries.  I also love the beach, live music, biking, and hiking.  I hope I am able to continue my passion for adventure and exploring our world; I believe my experiences abroad have contributed to my teaching and connecting to a diverse student population. Working with students each day is both a joy and a passion and I thoroughly enjoy watching students thrive.