Anne-Marie Curtis

Phone: 951-699-0080 ex 3714


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Education - Arizona State University Master of Arts in Education - University of Phoenix

Anne-Marie Curtis

Welcome to 8th grade!

 District Assessment Friday, May 24. The district assessment will cover transformations, angle relationships, interior values of a triangle, Pythagorean Theorem, and volume.

Semester Final is Thursday, May 30. 



Week of April 8 - 12:  We are completing the unit on transformations Tuesday. We are starting on lines and triangles on Wednesday.


Week of Feb. 25- March 1 - We are completing our unit on solving systems of equations.

District assessment Thursday, Feb. 28th.

Week of Feb. 11-14 - Word problems and solving systems of equations through substitution. Quiz on Wednesday 2/13.


Week of Feb. 4-8 - Word problems and solving systems of equations through substitution.


Week of Jan 28-Feb. 1 - Word problems and graphing systems of equations. Quiz on Friday 2/1

Week of Jan 22-25 - We are writing equations from real life scenarios and graphing systems of equations. Quiz on Friday 1/25 - graphing systems of equations and writing the solution, and write equations from different scenarios.

Week of Jan 14-18 - Functions

Week of Dec. 10-14 - interpreting tables and graphs, solving multi-step equations. District assessment Thursday, 12/13.  Final Wednesday, Dec. 19 and Thursday, Dec. 20.

Week of Dec. 3-7  - creating data tables and graphing real-life scenarios, distributive property and solving multi-step equations. Quick Quiz Wednesday on distributive property. District assessment Thursday and Friday 12/13 and 12/14

Week of Nov. 26-30 - slope, quiz on Wednesday.

Week of Nov. 13-16 - Slope and slope intercept

Week of Nov. 5-9 - We are working on finding the slope of a line. Quiz on Thursday 11/8.

Week of Oct 29 - Nov 2 - We are working on translating expressions into equations and beginning our unit on slope.

Week of Oct. 22-26 - We are working on solving equations - one step with negative integers and two step equations. Test on Friday, Oct. 26

 Week of Oct - 15-19 - Adding integers, solving one and step equations

 *** District assessment now on Friday, Oct. 12th. ! We will practice more on Thursday.

Week of Oct 8-12 - Operations with Scientific Notation, Review for District Assessment, District Assessment on Friday, Oct. 12th.


Week of Oct. 1-5 - We are working on scientific notation

Week of Sept. 24-28 - Negative and zero exponents, review of exponent rules

Week of Sept. 17-21 - We will be working on properties of exponents

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