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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science, SDSU Master of Arts Education, Chapman University

Ms. McNeill

  • Units of Study Semester 1

    Unit 1- Ratios/Proportional Reasoning

    Unit 2- Number System (for Compacted 6, this includes complex fractions-fraction in a fraction, and integer operations (positive/negative)

  • Supplies Needed

    Students need a very simple *2 pocket folder devoted to math only. Plastic or plastic coated folders should last all year.  In it will be kept current work and blank paper always ready.

    *Composition book that is for math only.  Composition books have stitching in the bind, so pages are not easily torn out.  This will be for taking notes only, and will be added to all year.

    *Color pens- at least two different colors.  More is helpful.  We do a lot of color coding in our math work.  I primarily use red/blue as they come in large packs, but any color is fine.

    I have all of these things in the classroom and available, but I know students often like to pick their own:)

    Additional supplies helpful: scissors, glue stick, crayons, hand held pencil sharpener, stapler.  I have all of these things available, but students may need to wait and share.  It is nice to have their own at their disposal when needed.

    Looking to donate something? Boxes of tissues for noses would be helpful! We do provide tissues, but they are not that soft and with the dry weather comes sniffles and chapped noses.  Composition books are always a helpful donation, as well.

  • Testing

    Students can expect a quiz/test every week, usually on Tuesdays.  Typically short and gives me feedback as to whether someone may need immediate intervention. Summative tests (unit tests, finals, etc.) are longer.

    Tests will be replaced by the following week's test.  This takes away any "punishment" for a low test score as we are learning math content.  For example the beginning ratio quiz given will be replaced by the following week's ratio quiz.  More practice will have been done by then. 

    This is only for like content.  Ratios replaced with ratios.  Graphing a ratio would be a different skill and therefore a separate quiz score and not replace a ratio quiz score.