• Welcome to the James L. Day Middle School 2019/20 school year and the 6th Grade!


    Please take the time to explore the other pages located on the left side of this page. The information and links provided are intended to help keep students and parents connected to my classes. This should be your 'go-to' website for information regarding daily class activities, classwork/homework, and helpful resources to help all students be successful in their first year of middle school.

Recommended Supplies

  • Here is a list of supplies that will help your child be prepared for my classes.  Additional donations of these supplies are much needed and always appreciated!

    1. 1-inch binder with tabs (this one binder can be used for all your child's classes)
    2. box of regular pencils 
    3. erasers
    4. box of colored pencils
    5. pencil sharpener with a receptacle for shavings (to sharpen colored pencils)
    6. college ruled lined filler paper (not from a spiral notebook)
    7. different colored highlighters and/or pens (Pilot FriXion makes erasable gel pens that work well for note-taking and annotating texts)
    8. Post-It notes (any color)
    9. 12-inch ruler (with metric measurements included)
    10. Earbuds or headphones for school use only (please keep in the student's backpack at all times)

    As the year progresses, there may be additional supplies that will be requested for special activities, labs, and assignments. 

    Please check your child's supplies periodically and replenish them as needed.