Mrs. Susan Amoroso,

Phone: 951-294-6600 ext. 3810


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, 2008 Single Subject Teaching Credential - Math, 2009 Masters in Educational Administration, 2019

Mrs. Susan Amoroso,

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2019 - 2020

Math 7

Math 8

Room 810

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         Math 7/Period 1: 62xoizi

         Math 7/Period 2:  6our7d6  

         Math 8/Period 3:  mnum7us

         Math 8/Period 5:  z25jf5w

         Math 8/Period 6:  xcajks2

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          Math 7/Period 1:  4CKV5AN7

          Math 7/Period 2:  RQ2XD89J

          Math 8/Period 3:  9PRVKUVY

          Math 8/Period 5:  PGFD2MM7

          Math 8/Period 6:  RSDKHCPR

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  • Weekly calendars are updated daily at the end of the school day.  Here you will find each day's learning target, as well as links to any homework, classwork, or notes for which electronic copies are available.  You may also find links for sample problems or solutions for some problems.  Important announcements, such as test dates and opportunities to for retakes, can be found here as well.  

    Math 7 Weekly Calendar

    Math 8 Weekly Calendar