Degrees and Certifications:

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Grades K-12 B.A. in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis on Education M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Lynette Vella

Welcome! I have taught in Temecula for over 24 years. I have two children, a husband, and a very special dog!


GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Many of the assignments to be completed are on-line at Google Classroom (your child must use their school email account to access these at home through CLEVER).

QUIZLET: At this website, have your child create an account using their school email username and password to create flashcards for vocabulary. There are many academic games to be played using these vocabulary words.

McGraw-Hill: This is an on-line learning experience to bolster their reading comprehension abilities and writing skills. Your child is able to log in from home using their personalized email from CLEVER. 

INFINITE CAMPUS: This is a website to check your child's grades and completion of work. Your child has an account, HOWEVER I strongly urge you to create a PARENT PORTAL which you can access on your own. You may create an account on the BVMS website.


While in school: Tissues are needed throughout the year.

I look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Vella



    Mrs. Vella



    Welcome to BVMS!  Once you log into your student account, click on the little blue 'c' at the upper-right corner to access everything below in CLEVER:

    1. We use Infinite Campus for grades. Each student has an account, but please create a parent portal account on the BVMS website. You can look at student's test scores and missing assignments this way.
    2. Each student has a Google Classroom account linked to my classes. It is here that I upload many assignments to be completed on-line.
    3. Students need to create an account using their school email username and password at to write vocabulary words and their definitions especially for social studies.
    4. For language arts, we have a reading program ConnectEd (StudySync).  It's a learning experience designed to engage students and bolster their reading comprehension abilities. Each student will also have an account which they can access through Clever using their student account.

    Language Arts - This class is designed to assist your student in further developing skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening through Common Core State Standards.  Students will read grade level appropriate material including describing and connecting the essential ideas, arguments, and perspectives of the text by using their knowledge of text structure, organization, and purpose. Students will read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of literature. Students will write clear, coherent, and focused essays. Students’ writing will exhibit their awareness of the audience and purpose. Essays will contain formal introductions, supporting evidence including citations, resources, and conclusions. Students will write argumentative, narrative, expository, and descriptive texts. Students will deliver focused, coherent presentations that convey ideas clearly and relate to the background and interests of the audience. They will evaluate the content of other students’ and their own oral communication.



    In Language Arts, most essays and projects will be started in class; however, students will need to have access to a computer to complete the assignments. This can be done in several ways.  Students can use a computer at home that is available to them, many can use their smartphones, or they can use school computers in the library, before school, at break, lunch, or after school to complete the assignments.  Additionally, students can use the public library or other public location to access sites necessary to complete work. We are training the students to 21st century skills by utilizing Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Classroom for completing, sharing, and turning in assignments.  This means no more printing at home and forgetting or losing the assignment or flash drive.


    Grades: A student earns the grade by completing assignments and assessments in class and at home.  The easiest way to earn a good grade is by paying attention in class, putting names on papers, being an active member of class, completing assigned work, and being prepared for assessments and tests given. If a student has a questions about their grade, it is best if the student lets me know at the start of class.   Students in middle school who advocate for themselves and discuss questions or problems with the teacher are more likely to advocate for themselves as adults.  Student who cheat on a tests, either by copying answers or giving answers to other students will not receive credit. Grades calculated by percentages points are:


    Grading Policy: 

    5% TVUSD District Benchmark (2 per semester)

    45% Summative tests and essays

    30% Formative quizzes, rough-drafts, Common Interim Assessments, and projects

    20% Practice classwork and homework

    Test corrections will only be allowed until Parent Conferences in mid-October for a maximum of 70%, C-. We spend much time in-class learning and reviewing the information. Studying at home is still necessary.

    Absences:  If absent and possible, a student should go to my website to see what we covered in class and any homework due. If they're able to work, they can. Otherwise, they'll be given 2 days per day absent to finish and turn in the assignments; however, the student is still responsible for current work and due dates.  Check the homework daily by visiting my web page listed above. Otherwise, late work is generally not accepted; The exception is the occasional family emergency that would prevent work from getting done on time. In these rare situations, a student must have a note from a parent/guardian in order to have an extra day.


    I give plenty of time for assignment completion and study for tests in class; however, if it's not completed in class, then it's homework.


    Materials: Students are required to arrive to class prepared to work.  Students should have their PLANNER and a silent reading book with them daily.  Please see below for the necessary materials.


    Behavior Expectations: I believe every student can behave appropriately.  I will not tolerate any student infringing upon other student’s rights to learn or my right to teach.  In order to guarantee all students the excellent learning climate they deserve, this class will be using 7 basic rules.



    1. Be on time and seated, with your planner, pencil, and materials by the time class starts.
    2. Complete the Planner daily.
    3. At school, keep hands, feet, eyes, and objects to yourself.
    4. Listen to and follow directions the first time they are given.
    5. Respect substitute teachers, guests, students, teachers, and yourself by using appropriate language and behavior.
    6. Do your best at all tasks at school and at home.
    7. At school, treat our Classroom Supplies with respect. This especially concerns Chromebooks, but also scissors, staplers, and crayons. Before you leave class, return all supplies to their correct place.


    Supportive Feedback:  Students who follow the rules and do all their homework may earn positive feedback.

    On-line Corrective Action will be a discussion with the student, and then with the parents/guardians.

     At School Corrective Action:  A verbal warning will be given before any disciplinary action will be taken unless infringement upon other’s safety or right to learn is too severe or for repeated behaviors.  All student Corrective Actions directly influence a student’s Citizenship grade. If a student chooses to break rules or chooses not to do class work or independent work, then break detention, lunch detention, loss of school day reward activities / assemblies, work time before school or after school may be additional corrective actions. If a student receives 12 discipline points in the school year, they will not be able to attend end-of-the-year activities.


    Student misconduct will be addressed in this sequence:

    First time a student breaks a rule:  Warning, seating change, and/or counsel student. If the behavior continues, even in the same day, then it is considered a 2nd time.

    Second time:   Student completes 'Refocus' form +  last to leave class

    Third time:      Parent Contact (no discipline point)

    Fourth time:    Office Referral to principal or administrator (discipline point) 

    Fifth time:       Office Referral to principal or administrator (discipline point)

    Severe clause: Immediate Office Referral to principal or administrator (discipline point)


    At School Misbehavior with a Substitute Teacher: 

    Students who misbehave with a substitute will automatically be assigned a 'Take Home Detenion' task by the classroom teacher.  This must be completed, signed by a parent, and returned the following day.

    ***Failure to return the completed form the second day will result in an Office Referral


    Parental Contact:  If you (or your student) are having difficulties with the class material or you need to contact me please do.  The BEST and most secure way to contact me is via email.  I check it several times a day.  My address is I look forward to an exciting year!

    Students should have items with them at all times unless otherwise specified.  Thank you for partnering with me in helping your student be successful!

    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Student Planner (from library): To be used daily to write down assignments/homework due.
    • 1-inch spiral notebook to be replaced, if needed
    • 3 Ring Binder 2 inch works best (to use for all classes)
    • 2 Binder dividers (the plastic work best with pocket and they last longer than folders of paper that can break out easily)
    • Package of paper - college ruled (put in a chunk to be replaced weekly)
    • Pencil Pouch 
    • 1 red pen / pencil (for correcting papers)
    • 1 large eraser (pink or white both work well and are inexpensive)
    • 5 pencils with erasers (you will need to replace these weekly as they get lost often)
    • Highlighters: yellow, pink, blue, and green (to be replaced when dry)
    • Glue stick (kind that will not spill in backpack)
    • Clear tape
    • Pencil sharpener (with canister for shavings)
    • Colored Pencils (box of 12) - preferably the twistable kind
    • White copy paper for projects (small stack of 10 sheets will do to start)
    • At school, donations of tissues are greatly appreciated!