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BA Biology MA Education Supplementary Subject Authorization in Mathematics Subject Matter Authorization in Biological Science Leading Edge Certified Google Certified Educator Level 1 CUE RockStar Teacher

Mrs. Breeze Patten

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Accelerated 8 (Algebra 1) and Math 8

Room 804

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  • Need Math Help?

    There are LOTS of ways to get help.  Here are 11 possible ideas.

    1) Go to our Online Textbooks.  Use your personal Login and Password.  Find videos and tutorials to help you on every concept.  Login through Clever or through the links below.
          For Math 8 at MHEducation        
          For Accelerated 8 at Pearson
    2) Go to our Google Classroom.  Use your Google account login and password.
    3) Go to and login with your Google account.
    4) Come in at break for help.  If closed, just knock on the door and I am happy to help!  Come in at break and get a pass for one-on-one help during 7th period.
    5) Get peer tutoring in our BVMS Library during 7th period.  Students need to pick up a pass from the library before lunch that day to get help.
    6) Get live free over-the-phone homework help Monday-Thursday from 6-9pm from Harvey Mudd College at 1-877-827-5462.
    7) Go online to wolfram|alpha, purplemath prealgebra, purplemath algebra 1, virtualnerd, or other math help sites (see my list of helpful links).
    8) Go to the Temecula Public Library for FREE tutoring!  They have online tutoring too!
    9) Ask an older brother or sister for help.  Or ask a high school neighbor who has recently taken algebra.
    10) Ask your counselor for some names of high schoolers or call one of the high schools for a list of possible names (minimal costs).
    11) Get a private tutor if you have to... It may cost you, but it is one-on-one. (E-mail me for list of great private tutors.)

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    Need a graphing calculator at home?
    On Android phones:  
    Download Wabbitemu for free in the play store.  It will look just like our classroom TI84.
    On iPhones:
    Download Free Graphing Calculator for free in iTunes.  It is not as exact, but will work.



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