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Mr. Robert Lopez




Welcome To Mr. Lopez's


7th Grade Math Accelerated (Periods 1, and 2)

7th Grade Math  (Period 3, 4, and 6)

8th Grade Math Per. 5

Room 710




Welcome to 7th Grade Math Accelerated

Mr.Lopez Periods 1, and 2


Course Imformation:

Accelerated 7:

This class is year one of a two year program that will prepare students for Geometry as a freshman in high school. This is a bery rigorous course of which students are ONLY placed after passing the placement test provided y the district office. This is year one off compacting the three classes into two years of study. 7th grade math, 8th grade math, and Algebra 1.

Quiz Imformation: 

Quizzes are given periodically through eah unit to check for understanding (typically on a Friday). Students ARE ALLOWED to use their math notebook on most of these quizzes. hence, GREAT notes and tend to produce great results and vise versa.

Unit Test\ Unit Retest Information: 

Unit Tests are given at the en d of each unit. Tests are designed to show mastery of the lessons studied within a given unit. Tests are generally a baried number of questions some of which are multiple choice and fill in answer \ computation questions. Students will also have word problems that will require them to show multiple methods to solve the prolem and then explain the solution in words. I DO offer re-takes on quizzess, and unit tests per my policy.

RETAKE POLICY: Students earning 69% or lower on any quiz\test may make arrangements to retest before school, after schyool, or during their luch once they have come to me during intervention period to review (relearn) the quiz they wish to retake.

Math Homework Information:

Students will ave homework Mon - Thurs.. and OCCASIONALLY on a Friday as well in order to keep up with the accelerated pace of this class. The vast majority of homework assignments will be posted to Google Classroom for addiotional help.


When absences occur it is important that student (if possible) look at Google Classroom and make and attempt to understand the material that they missed that day. Students can also reach me through email if they have questions. Finally, students can contact a classmate if they are unable to reach me. It is VERY common tht Accelerated math students return from being avsent having attempte bot classwrok, and homewrok even though they were out to the classroom. 


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