Mr. Davisson at Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

Welcome to College & Career Explorations!

  • I'm Mr. Davisson and I'd like to welcome you to BVMS college and career technical exploration!  I'm excited to help bring you into some of the fastest growing areas of demand in today's job market!  Students will be experiencing the world of STEAM incorporates a broad variety of applications.  We will be exploring many of these careers in the classroom in this semester long course. The field that we are exploring are shown below. 

    Paxton/Patterson - College & Career Ready Labs

    Alternative Energy - Students apply STEM concepts as they explore the fundamentals and viability of alternative energy sources.

    Biomedical Engineering - Students get first-hand experience in materials science and engineering as they experiment with the techniques of prosthetic design.

    Computer Graphics & Game Development - Students examine the evolution of computer graphics in the design and development of 2D and 3D games.

    Criminalistics - Students employ the seven S’s of crime scene investigation as they utilize laboratory techniques used in forensic science to study fibers, fingerprints, chromatography, handwriting, and blood splatter.

    Dentistry - Students examine the roles of dental professionals from hygiene to therapeutics as they assess, chart, diagnose, remove decay, and create dental castings.

    Design & Marketing - Students explore the fundamental elements and principles of modern design with an emphasis on providing design solutions to meet marketing strategies from concept to completion.

    Digital Manufacturing - Students learn the fundamentals of 3D coordinate programming and then design and create simple 3D printed projects while exploring the use of 3D printers in a wide range of industries.

    Emergency & Fire Management Services - Students define the roles & responsibilities of emergency response agencies, including police, ambulance, & firefighting services, and are able to describe strategies for prevention, mitigation, & emergency management.

    Environment & Ecology - Students demonstrate STEM skills as they set up experiments and conduct research on water quality, soil, recycling, organic fertilizers, and plant life cycles.

    Flight & Drone Technology - Students investigate the four forces of flight as they apply to rockets, fixed-wing, and rotary aircraft. Additionally, they will apply problem-solving skills in the process of programming an unmanned aerial vehicle.

    Introduction to Health Science Careers - Students examine the knowledge and skills needed in each of the five health science pathways: Biotech R&D, Diagnostics, Health Information Management, Support Services, and Therapeutics.

    Materials Design Processing & Design - Students work with materials and their properties including injection molding.

    Nursing - Students practice select medical skills including phlebotomy and sutures.

    Pneumatics - Working with pressure of fluids to perform tasks including robotic animation.

    Sports Medicine - Students address the common tasks of diagnostics, therapeutics, education, and prevention of injuries to athletes.

    Structural Engineering - Students apply STEM skills as they design, build, test, record, and analyze a variety of beams, composites, trusses, and bridges.

    Veterinary Medicine - Students practice medical activities working on a mock animal. 

    Video Production - Students employ the techniques of composition, lighting, and editing used by independent content creators as they develop their own viral video.