Degrees and Certifications:

BA Psychology MA Teaching Single Subject Teaching Credential - Math

Ms. Carolyn Crouch

This is my 16th year at Bella Vista Middle School and I love teaching 8th grade!
I am a resident "native"; living in the area for over 27 years.
Both of my children went to BVMS and CHS. I look forward to helping all students succeed. 

2021/2022 School Year
Compacted 8
Math 8
Room #806

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Tutoring (Math Help) Ideas

Great Math Websites

Helpful Links

  • Need a graphing calculator at home?
    On Android phones:  
    Download Wabbitemu for free in the play store.  It will look just like our classroom TI84.
    On iPhones:
    Download Free Graphing Calculator for free in iTunes.  It is not as exact, but will work.
    On Your Home Computer Use Desmos