Degrees and Certifications:

I have a baccalaureate degree in liberal studies Masters degree in teacher leadership with an emphasis in the National Boards Several certificates in teaching English as a second language and G.A.T.E. I have earned over 90 college units in professional development too.

Kathleen Papadopoulos

I've been teaching since 1993. I began my journey in the Los Angeles Unified School District and I have taught grade levels first thru fifth grades including class combinations of first and second, third and fourth, and fourth and fifth grades too. I truly love teaching children and it is my passion! There is no greater calling then being a teacher, and I am truly humbled and blessed to teach children everyday. I'm so thankful for this enormous blessing.

It's a great life being surrounded by children throughout the year. I can't think of anything better then being an educator!

  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

    by Judy Blume Year Published:

    We will start off our school year reading this story about 2 brothers and their home life and school life too. We will study story elements: characters, settings, plots, conflicts, resolutions too. 

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