Mrs. Orth's Buzzing Bees



    Notes From Mrs. Orth

    Hello My Friends!

    I hope you are all safe and well.  I know this is an unsettling and crazy time. I just want you to know that I am here and Mrs. Gomez and I have some great things planned for us when we start this new way of learning on April 6th.  I hope you have had the opportunity to log into Clever from home and to get into our Google Classroom.  I know many of you had some difficulty getting in but I think we have worked out the bugs now.  Here are the directions:

    First, you will need to be logged in to your student's tvusd account.  Their ID/e-mail is their 10-digit student number with added to the end.  Your student's ID number can be found on Infinite Campus.  You will need to add two zeros at the beginning of your number if it is not 10 digits. Their password is their birthday (MM/DD/YYYY). Once you're logged in to your studen't Google account, you can log in to Clever using your student's Clever badge.  It was sent home at conferences and also in their homework folders.  If you can't find it, just e-mail me and I will send a new one to you.  Once you're in Clever you can click on Google Classroom (the little yellow and green chalkboard). If you're logged in to their Google account and you click on Google Classroom, you can click on the little plus sign in the right coner and select "join classroom".  Then it will ask for the class code.  Our class code is  darrmei.  This should get you in.

    I hope everyone will try to get in to Google Classroom before April 6th so we all can be up and ready to learn when we start our distance learning. I'll e-mail soon to let you know what's next.  I love you all and miss you!  Keep checking your e-mail and I will talk to you all soon.  Love, Mrs. Orth


Literacy Link


    During the next two months we will be learning about plants and animals in different environments.  We will be reading fiction and non-fiction books online.  We are continuing to learn how to read “closely” and decide what is important.  

    When students are reading their leveled books on RazKids, they should continue to use their decoding (what looks right - letters, sounds, words) and comprehension (what makes sense) strategies and retell the details in the stories.  

    For our Word Work, we are focusing on blending sounds to make words; breaking apart the sounds we hear at the beginning, middle, and end of words; and deleting and changing the sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words (eg. Cat- take off the /c/ =at; change the /c/ in cat to /h/and you have hat; change the /o/ in hot to /i/ and you have hit; change the /t/ in pot to /p/ and you have pop). We will be posting some videos and mini-lessons to practice these skills.

    Also, continue to practice the kindergarten sight words with your child. We will post some sight word games and activities online.  

    In writing, we are working on writing simple narrative and informational pieces with details and correct capitalization and punctuation.  We will post some videos, prompts, and activities for writing online as well. We may even be able to share our stories online!



Thematic Connections – Science/Social Studies

  • Our theme for April and May is Discovering Animals Around the World.  We began with a study of the rainforests of South AmericaNext, we will learn about the grasslands of Africa, the deserts of the southwest, and the ocean environment.  Within our theme we will be looking at the plants and animals that live in each environment.  While we are "distance learning", we will read online and post questions and activities to do at home. 


Math Message

  • In math, we are continuing to learn about addition and subtraction to 10, telling number stories (word problems), and reading and writing numbers to 20 and beyond.  Next, we’ll move into composing and decomposing numbers and place value.  We'll be posting videos, lessons, and practice activities in our Google Classroom.


Important Dates

  • Keep checking your e-mail for school and district information.