Mrs. Orth's Buzzing Bees


  • Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope everyone is rested and ready for our last two months.  Can you believe the school year is almost over?  I am so thrilled with everyone’s progress!  Keep up the good work with your child at home. It really pays off!  Just a reminder to return the progress report envelope so it can be used for report cards at the end of the year.  Thanks!  I will be sending another newsletter home toward the end of May to let you know about all the fun activities that will be going on in our final week! 


Literacy Link

  • During the next two months we will be reading all about the plants and animals of the different environments we will be studying.  We will read our science book as well as many fiction and non-fiction books and articles. We are continuing to learn how to read “closely” and decide what is important.

    In reading groups, we continue to use our decoding and comprehension strategies to read books at all levels.  We are focusing on breaking apart the sounds we hear at the beginning, middle, and end of words; finding word parts and spelling patterns we know; thinking about what makes sense and using our comprehension strategies.  We are also working with syllables and deleting and changing the sounds at the beginning of words (eg. Cat-/c/ =atand change the /c/in catto /h/and you have hat) and first graders continue to work on their spelling patterns.

    Just a reminder about bringing books home.  If your child brings home a book in their book bag, they are to read it to you (more than once if possible) and bring it back to school the following day.  The kids know this so please help them to be extra careful about remembering to bring them back.  Thanks! 

    We are continuing to learn more sight words also.  Practice these words with your child and have them find these words in the books they bring home.

    In writing, we are working on writing simple narrative and informational pieces with details and correct capitalization and punctuation.  We have had so much fun this year, and we’ve learned so much about writing that we decided to publish a book of our kindergarten memories.  We are excited to share it!  If you would like to order a copy, the order form will go home in the homework folder next week.  It needs to be returned by Friday 4/26 so we can send it to the publishers. 



Thematic Connections – Science/Social Studies

  • Our theme for April and May is Discovering Animals Around the World. We began with a study of the rainforests of South AmericaNext, we learn about the grasslands of Africa, the deserts of the southwest, and the ocean environment.  Within our theme we will be looking at the plants and animals that live in each environmentAt the end of May we will be doing a family project in which the students will choose an environment and create a diorama and report about what they have learned.  I’ll send more information about it later in the month.  It should be fun!


Math Message

  • In math, the kindergarteners are continuing to learn about composing and decomposing numbers, addition and subtraction to 10 and telling number stories (word problems). Next, we’ll move into place value and telling time to the hour.


Important Dates

  • Here are some upcoming events to be aware of.  See the Calendar of Events and Newsletters for more information.

    • 4/26 - Class Book order forms due

    • 5/3 - Art Fair

    • 5/12 - Mother's Day

    • 5/17 - Superhero Day

    • 5/27 - Memorial Day Holiday

    • 6/5 - Kindergarten Celebrations

    • 6/6 - Kindergarten Rotations

    • 6/7 - Park Day/Last Day of School