Mrs. Orth's Buzzing Bees


  • Notes From Mrs. Orth

    Well, October is here and we will be heading into November before you know it.  The kids have been working really hard and have made a lot of progress!  I am looking forward to sharing all that your children have learned at our parent/teacher conferences this week. Keep up the great work at home!  Thank you to those of you who are volunteering in the classroom.  I truly appreciate your help and support!


Literacy Link

  • In October, we will be reading non-fiction books about the farm. We will focus on identifying the topic and the key details of what we are reading and taking notes about them.  In November we will be reading fiction stories about the farm and talking about the characters, setting, and important details in the story.  We are continuing to learn about letters, sounds, word families, and words that rhyme.  Be sure to review the sounds with your child at home especially those "tricky" vowel sounds.  We are also blending the sounds to make words in the "at", "an", "ap", "ig", "in", "op", and "et" word families. We are adding 2-3 new sight words to our word wall each week. Students should be practicing these at home.  In writing, we are working on writing the letters and sounds we hear in the words we want to write (kid's writing) and using simple sight words in our writing.  At this point, some students may only have a sound or two which is great.  Others may have many sounds and words already. My goal is to take them to the next step, no matter where they begin.  A few students have already "published" their first book and read it to the class.  It's very exciting!



Thematic Connections – Science/Social Studies

  • Our theme for October and November is Fall on the Farm.  We will be learning about plants and animals that are found in a farm environment and comparing their parts, what they eat, what they do, and how they grow.  As part of our study, we will be taking a field trip to Peltzer Farms on October 30th.  We'll get to interact with the farm animals and see how pumpkins grow. We will get on the bus at 9:15 and be back to school by 11:15, in time for lunch.  I will be sending the permission form in the homework folder on 10/18.  Please return the completed permission form as soon as possible.  At the end of November, we will also be learning about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Tribe and the Thanksgiving story. We will be comparing life in the past with life as it is today and we will end our study with a Thanksgiving  feast on 11/22.  I'll send more information soon.


Math Message

  • In math, we have been learning the concept of numbers to 10.  We have been counting, reading and writing those numbers and talking about the concept of "more" and "less", "greater" and "fewer" as well. At the end of October we will begin talking about measurement and the concepts of length, height, weight, and capacity.


Important Dates

  • Here are some upcoming events to be aware of.  See the Calendar of Events and Newsletters for more information.

    10/14-10/18 - Parent Conference Week - Modified Days All Week

    10/17 - Great American Shakeout Earthquake Drill

    10/18 - Trunk or Treat - 6:00

    10/21-10/25 - Red Ribbon Week

    10/30 - Field Trip to Peltzer Farms

    10/31 - Storybook Character Day - Halloween

    11/3 - Daylight Savings Time Ends - Fall back 1 Hour

    11/8 - Military Appreciation Friday Flag

    11/11 - Veteran's Day - No School

    11/22 - Thanksgiving Feast

    11/25-11/29 - Thanksgiving Break - No School