Mrs. Orth's Buzzing Bees


  • Wow!  January is already gone, and February is here!  We had lots of fun learning about communities and weather.  We had some visits from some of our own parents who are community helpers and we did some cool experiments with matter and weather.  We also celebrated Hundred’s Day!  In February, we will be learning about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and other famous Americans.  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day and learn all about symbols of our country and state. In March we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and we will continue our study of environments.  We are now in our second semester and progress reports will be coming home on Friday, March 22nd.  I am so thrilled with everyone’s progress!  Please keep up the hard work with your child at home.  It really pays off!  Thanks again to you dedicated volunteers who continue to help in the classroom.  I couldn’t do it without you!


Literacy Link

  • In January, we read stories about famous Americans.  We read about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridges.  In February, we will read about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson as well as important symbols of our state and country. We are focusing on identifying a topic and finding key details.  During March we will be reading all about the forest and rainforest environments.  In our word work and spelling, we are focusing on blending, stretching, and changing the sounds we hear at the beginning, in the middle (vowel sounds), and at the end of words.  We will also keep working on sight words.  Please continue to have your child practice these words and find them in the books they are reading.  In writing, we have been focusing on writing information. We begin by stating our topic, adding key details about it, and closing our writing at the end.  We have been learning the difference between fact and opinion as part of the process.  We continue to use what we know about sounds and sight words to write. Of course, we are continuing to read in small groups as well. Just a reminder about bringing books home.  Your child will bring books home in their book bag. They are to read the new book and bring it back to school the following day.  On days they do not have a new book, they choose an activity from the reading sheet in their folder and record it in their reading journal.  They may also read on Raz Kids when they don’t have a new book in their folders.



Thematic Connections – Science/Social Studies

  • Our theme for February is Exploring My City, State, and CountryWe will be learning about famous Americans and symbols of our country.   March’s theme is Comparing Plants and AnimalsWe will be learning about the different kinds of plants and animals that live in a rainforest environment.  We’ll be talking about what those animals eat, how they grow, how they move, and how their body coverings help them survive. 


Math Message

  • In math, we have been learning about reading, writing, and understanding numbers to 20.  We are continuing to work with numbers 0-30 (0-100 for some) with a focus on counting strategies, ordering, and writing those numbers.  Next, we'll be starting into addition and subtraction to 10.


Important Dates

  • Here are some upcoming events to be aware of.  See the Calendar of Events and Newsletters for more information.

    • 2/14 – Valentine’s Day (See note that came home in homework folders)

    • 2/15 and 2/18– Holidays

    • 2/27– Book Fair

    • 3/21– Open House

    • 3/22– Progress Reports

    • 3/25-4/5- Spring Break