Welcome to 3rd Grade! Yes...WE WILL BE ROCKIN' IT this year!

Red "Rockin H Ranch" sign
  • Welcome to Mrs. Hollins' Class! I am very excited to be your child's 3rd grade teacher :) We are going to have a fabulous year, filled with academics while making memories!

    On my school website, I will give you a brief overview of academic focus for the upcoming month. Please check for updated class and school wide information sent home in your child's Wednesday Folder and Monday Homework Folder.

    *Homework is posted weekly on this website! Look to the bottom of this site for assignments 

    MARCH at a glance:
     READING:  We will continue to explore our WONDERS ELA program while also utilizing Scholastic News publications, which provides informational text reading that provokes thought and inquiry. Our in-class chapter book read will be Trumpet of the Swan. Students loved Charlotte's Web, so we are continuing with another classic by the most creative author E.B. White!

    *Biography* book to be assigned 2/19. Your child will read a biography book of a person who has "Made a Difference..." They will be doing a presentation at OPEN HOUSE on March 21st. Details coming soon.

     WRITING: We continue to make progress with continued practice of the mechanics of writing by utilizing daily editing, response to literature, and a variety of in class writing assignments. Our focus into February will be Informational writing.

     MATH: We will be starting a new unit on...GEOMETRY! Shapes, Perimeter and Area. Weekly multiplication/division timed tests are on Thursday mornings, so STUDY WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (as well as all other nights also!)

     SCIENCE: Weather

     P.E.: In the second semester, we will have a PE specialist teaching our students all aspects of physical fitness. I will also be doing something daily to keep our fitness in check!  Our weekly PE minutes (100 minutes a week) will include Fitness and Conditioning outside on the blacktop and on the upper and lower fields (including aerobic conditioning on "ramp and stairs"), and also "Brain Breaks" and GoNoodle - and online mini-fitness program. A Brain Break is taken during the course of the day when there has been extended time sitting in one's seat. This allows the child to "energize" and give the brain a break. GoNoodle sessions are 10 minutes per session. They are perfect for our indoor-rainy-day schedules! Please Google GoNoodle to get a preview of the fun activities we participate in. 


     HOMEWORK  3/18- 3/22:  

    Reading: SSR 20-30 minutes nightly. Beginning 2/19, students will be reading a biography for their nightly reading. This bio will be the person they will be presenting at Open House. *REMINDER...OPEN HOUSE THIS THURSDAY 6-7PM. Please be here by 6:30 - as we will be preforming at that time.

    Spelling or Vocabulary: No Spelling or Vocab. this week.  Just practice your Biography Presentation material!!!!

    Math: On Monday, March 11, we will begin studying for the CAASPP State Testing which begins on May 6th. I will provide each student with a "Getting Ready for the Smarter Balanced Assessment" Booklet. We will work on problems in class, and then the booklet is sent home for homework, to complete the assigned pages. This booklet MUST travel from school to home and back again daily. Booklets are turned in on Friday to be checked for homework completion. Thank you in advance for your assistance in overseeing that this booklet is in your child's backpack DAILY! *Monday 3/18 students will be working on the final "Leprechaun Village".

    Typing.com: Nightly keyboarding practice. THIS IS ESSENTIAL IN PREPARATION FOR STATE CAASPP TESTING. This spring will be your child's first experience with CAASPP State Testing. The entire test (all subject matter) will be on the Chrome Book laptops. Practice and comfort with the computer keyboard is extremely important! Typing.com Username and Password cards went home last week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


    Please feel free to contact me at either of my e-mail addresses with any questions you might have.  
    Thank you in advance for all of your support to assist your child to be the best student they can be! 
    Mrs. H. :)