• Reminders: Do extra and longer sessions of Reflex if you are still working on addition fluency of less than 75% fluent in multiplication. Otherwise, you are good to do one session and stop after you turn your circle greeen. The goal is to have everyone 100% on multiplication (0-10) by spring break... Yuha, Eric, Kate Julian, and Jayd are there already. Woo-hoo!!!

    Return Library Books: Mrs. Lahey loves when we have no overdue books!!! Remember we have library on Tuesday not Thursday after MLK Day. Bring your books back on Tuesday (no school Monday).

    Bike Train Reminder... 8:25 at the Flag Pole on Thursdays unless it rains! Let's ride!!! (It's raining... no bike train.)

    Math: Reflex... Let's get 100% of us on the awesome list and build that math fluency. (C'mon, everyone!!!)

    Reading: Finish your reading group assignment, so I can meet with your group tomorrow: Ella and Dylan

    I encourage you do do extra work on Moby Max at home if you are bored and looking for something to do that can enhance your learning at this stage in your life. Math Lessons, Langugae Lessons, and Reading Stories are all great!!! Get some extra work in!!!







    Beginning of the year:

    Things we usually love donated: Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils, Tissues, and Dry Erase Markers. If more supplies are needed that I do not foresee at this time, I will certainly request them. I appreciate all donations!

    We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED: paper, red pens or glue or glue sticks!!! I have us covered :-).

    Educational Investment!!! Does your child have a chromebook or laptop of their own? Have you been considering purshasing one for them to bring to and from school? I recommend and encourage it. It will help me connect with them regarding their written communication and hopefully encourage their maturity and growth as thinkers and writers.

    Let's have a great year building a firm foundation for future success in life.

    -Mr. Reilly

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