• Social Studies:You should know all 50 states and capitals, everyone. I posted all the cartoons in the GC. Use this for the ones you have a hard time recalling. (Madi A., Kai, Roland, Riley, & Jake)

    Math: None

    Reading: None

    RGW from class, so we can meet tomorrow: Jessica, Madi A., and Isaac

    Study the 13 colonies in the google classroom: Roland, Riley, Brianna, Kevin... (and 12, 13) Elyse changed hers to 100%!


    5/28 Performance... Make sure your costume is ready!!! Our performance is scheduled for 6 pm (FYI Our morning dress hearsal is at 10:45... Come dressed and ready to perform.)

    5/29 Muligan Field Trip 9 to 3:10 pm

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