• Bike Train Reminder... 8:25 at the Flag Pole! Let's ride!!!

    Math: Let's get everyone on the awesome list tomorrow!!! Turn it green. Turn it green. Turn it green. 17 out of 22 of us were on the Awesome List. Kate, Braxton, Guadalupe, and Aamyreh... Please turn it green. Yes, all the way green. Jayden, you need to be more consistenly responsible. Let's go for 22 for 22 tonight. It is probably our last chance to do it because we get a new student tomorrow. Yay!!!

    Remember my teacher name is jeffreilly. (no space between my names)


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    Welcome Back to School, 3rd Graders!!! That's right. Mr. Reilly is a 3rd grade teacher now! I am so thankful to have the chance to work with you all this year. Homework the first week of school will be pretty easy and low key. In fact the first night's homework is to make sure your parents email me! That's all. They can even do it before Wednesday, so I can start to build my contact list for the 2019-2020 school year. I like to communicate to parents through email.

    Usual homework will be reading, a little writing, and some basic math review. The harder my students work in school... the less homework I want to give them. I thought you should know that about me. ;-)

    Math: None

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    Other Assignment: Have parent(s) email Mr. Reilly at the following address:




    SPECIAL PARENT ANNOUNCEMENTS! I was informed that I was moved to 3rd grade this past Monday on August 5th. We will be the only 3rd grade class in the building with the 2nd and 4th graders, but we are right across the courtyard from most of the other 3rd grade classes. Keep all your school shopping receipts, so you can return any thing we don't need. Don't write names on your supplies, so you can return them.

    Things we usually love donated: Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils, Tissues, and Dry Erase Markers. If more supplies are needed that I do not foresee at this time, I will certainly request them. I appreciate all donations!

    We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED: paper, red pens or glue or glue sticks!!! I have us covered :-).

    Educational Investment!!! Does your child have a chromebook or laptop of their own? Have you been considering purshasing one for them to bring to and from school? I recommend and encourage it. It will help me connect with them regarding their written communication and hopefully encourage their maturity and growth as thinkers and writers.

    Let's have a great year building a firm foundation for future success in life.

    -Mr. Reilly

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