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Items Needed for Online Learning

  • Items Needed for Online Learning

    • For Online Learning, the following will be needed at home:

      1.  A quiet, dedicated space to participate in live instruction, and to work independently.

      2.  Alarms set to help students report to live instruction on time during the day (9:00 M-F, and 11:00 and 1:00 Tues-Fri).

      3.  Muted microphone to join Google Meets.

      4.  A charged/plugged-in device.


      The following will help online learning, if possible:

      1.  Comfortable headphones.

      2.  A stylus for writing on tablets/iPads.

      3.  Plain paper for art, a black Sharpie, Crayola watercolors, scissors and glue stick.


      For later -- in traditional, in person class:

      Most supplies will be provided to your child to start the year.  Items each child needs to bring in for individual use include:

      - a backpack that zips (crows try to take lunches!)

      - 1" 3 ring binder for collecting poems

      - pair of school scissors (good quality, like Fiskars)

      - a small set of headphones/earbuds for computer time

      - a highlighter

      Please write student's name on all of the above items.  Pencil boxes and folders will be provided by me.

      Below is a list of donations we need to keep our our classroom supplies stocked.  If you are able to contribute a few things from the following list, we thank you!

      - tissues 
      - Craylola Markers
      - glue sticks (Elmers)
      - liquid school glue
      - hand sanitizer (medium to big bottles)
      - disinfecting wipes or baby wipes
      - prize box items
      - dry erase markers
      - Zip-lock bags: quart and gallon size
      - Band-Aids
      - brightly colored copy paper