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BA Liberal Studies BA Spanish MA Educational Administration

Cheryl Insua

  • This week in Room 15:


    I received a TREMENDOUS amount of support for donations for our holiday celebration.  If you offered to donate an item, I will contact you ASAP to confirm an item for donation. Thank you so much!


    We're beginning a very short unit on Measurement!  Also, we are practicing 2 sets of Math Facts.  The subtraction doubles (Eg: 18-9=9; 14-7=7) and the subtraction combinations of 10 (Eg: 10-7=3; 10-5=5).  The idea is that IF YOU KNOW your doubles and IF YOU KNOW the combinations of 10, both sets of facts should be automatic.  


    This week, we'll be writing informational pieces on Polar Bears.


    This week, we'll be using the Scientific Method to form an hypothesis and conduct experiments, all in cooperative groups.