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BA Liberal Studies BA Spanish MA Educational Administration

Cheryl Insua

  • This week in Room 15:

    Robot HW Assignment!

    We've just finished our Essential Question, "What inventions do you know about?" In response, we are writing Opinion Pieces about a robot, that we think would be helpful!  Due May 6th, please follow the instructions coming home (Monday, April 22 in the HW folder) to create a model of the robot your child has envisioned. As noted on the instructions, the robot does not need to actually perform the stated task.  Please send me an email if you have questions.  Thank you!

    Math - Our Unit 6 Math Assessment will be coming up NEXT WEEK, so please pay special attention to the types of problems coming this week, as they are similar to ones that will be on the test.

    This week we will continue working on double digit addition, with and without regrouping. If we add the ones first, and the sum (answer) is more than 9 ... we say it is an "oh no!" problem, because we must "regroup".  (If the sum is 9 or less, it is an "okay" problem, as no regrouping is needed.)