• About Me

    Hello, my name is Anastasia Bortcosh. This is my 28th year in education!

    I have taught in Canada and California and I have my master’s degree inreading and curriculum.

    I am married and we have 3 grown children. I love to travel, read, and spend time at the beach.


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  • Daily Homework Assignments

     Week of Nov. 5:    


    Read 20 minutes

    Main Idea page (one side)

    Math page: vertical division

    Moby Max Math 15 minutes



    Read 20 minutes

    Main Idea page (one side)

    Math: division page

    Moby Max Read Language 15 minutes



    Read 20 minutes

    Math: division page

    Vocabulary sentences (test tomorrow)

    Moby Max Read Reading 15 minutes



    Read 20 minutes 

    Reading page (finish if necessary)

    Math page: division page + practice facts

     Moby Max Reading   15 minutes


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     Paw print                                                                                    


      Happy Birthday

     Sophia (11/16), AJ (11/18), and Landon (11/25)                                                                                                                    



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