• 23/24 - 6th Grade Elective Options & Explore Wheel

    Elective Options for 6th grade

    *Beginning Band (Click on Band Icon on the left for Information)

    *Beginning Orchestra (Click on Orchestra Icon on the left for Information)

    *Choir (Click on Choir Icon on the left for Information)

    *Elective Wheel - Click on the Explore Wheel Slide Presentation below

    *** Please use the 6th grade Elective Form below to record your 1st and 2nd choices

    Form is coming soon! Stay tuned!

    Click on the individual explore pages to watch videos and find out more about our amazing programs at DMS!

    Explore Wheel Slide Presentation

    23/24 - 7th Grade Electives - No Form

    *Student will need to talk to Staff Members.

    Students automatically roll into Explore Rotation unless staff member has been notified and student is on the teacher's roster. 

    Beginning or Advanced Band **pre-requisite Beginning Band.       Talk to Mr Briskey Rm 601

    Beginning or Advanced Orchestra **pre-requisite Beginning Orchestra.   Talk to Mr Briskey Rm 601

    Choir - Treble Tones or Soundwave **Auditions needed for Soundwave.  Talk to Mrs Landrum Rm 404

    AVID **Applications Required. See Ms Ohler Rm 311

    Explore Rotation 

    Teacher Assistant **Form required See Counseling

    23/24 - 8th Grade Electives - Elective Interest Survey

    *8th-grade students will need to complete this survey in order to be placed in the correct class.

    Survey is coming soon!

    Students will need to include their 1st and 2nd preferences. The form is live:)

    If you missed the presentation - click here for prerecorded explanations of the various programs.

    ***Elective Presentation Video


    Continue with Band or new student enrolling into Beginning Band  

    Continue with Orchestra or new student enrolling in Beginning Orchestra 

    Continue with Choir or new student enrolling in choir *Auditions for Soundwave

    AVID **Applications Required. See Ms Jordan Rm 311

    Explore Rotation 

    Yearlong Health

    Yearlong Computer Science

    Yearlong Art **Applications Required. See Mrs Cooper  Rm 511

    Teacher/Office Assistants **Form required See Counseling