Student Parking Permits

  • Student Parking permits are available by application through a Google form. 

    Before applying, please note the following:

    TVUSD Login is required for this form. Please make sure students are logged into either their school email or school Google drive.

    • Communication will be conducted via email and an invalid email may delay the process in obtaining a permit. Please make sure to check your email for permit approval. 

    Please be ready with electronic copies of the following: 

    • Drivers License - must be the applying student
    • Drivers Registration - must be either the applying student or his/her parent/guardian
    • Drivers Insurance - must be either the applying student or his/her parent/guardian

    Each of these documents will be uploaded into the form. 

    You will also need to know the license plate number, make, model, year and color or the vehicle you'll be parking on campus. 

    To obtain your parking permit, you will need to agree to the following: 

    • I understand all automobiles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and must display the current parking permit on the rearview mirror and be visible as I drive on campus.
    • I understand all automobiles without a parking permit displayed will be TICKETED and/or TOWED at the OWNER'S EXPENSE. 
    • I understand the parking permit issued is not transferrable and using the parking permit in a vehicle to which it is not assigned will result in the above listed student losing GOHS parking lot privileges for one year. 
    • Students must be in grade 10 or higher to apply. 

     After submitting your application, please pay your parking permit fee with the bookkeeper. 

    • Senior parking permit is $40 with WSB, $60 without WSB
    • Sophomore and Junior parking permit is $10

    Bring your bookkeeper receipt to campus supervision in room 127.


    You may access the Parking Permit Application form here.



    Parking Fines: 

    Parking in the lot without a valid permit will result in a ticket and/or towing of your vehicle. (Ticket $10.00, Towing – approximately $125.00)

     Replacement permit prices: 

    1st Replacement - $10.00

    2nd Replacement - $20.00

    3rd Replacement – Not available. Students not allowed to park on campus.