• Owl Library Mission 

    In collaboration with teachers, parents, and staff, to guide students in gaining the skills needed for both lifelong learning and lifelong reading. The Alamos Owl library will provide access to the materials and space to develop and practice effective and responsible habits for research and reading.


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  • Birthday Book Club Picture

    Birthday Book Club is a great way to celebrate your student's special day with the entire school for years to come!

    Donated books become part of the library's collection in honor of your child's special day.

    Birthday Book Club participants get a plaque in their donated book, a picture on the Birthday Book Club Wall, a spirit tag, and a special shout-out at the Friday flag.

    Books do not have to be purchased from the wishlist. If you have a favorite book and would like to share it with us, please contact Ms. McManus.

    Books are preferred to be in hardcover as they last longer. Birthday Book Club Wish List Below. Please allow one week for processing the nameplate and Birthday Book Club Certificate.





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