• Student Council Representatives

    Student Council is a group of students from 4th and 5th grade, selected to represent their classes through an application process.  Student Council Representatves will be filming Pilot News every Wednesday and  meets twice a month to discuss school business.

  • 2018-2019

    PVES Student Council

    Congratulations to the following 4th & 5th graders for being selected as the 2018-2019 Student Council.  


    President: Drew Pablos

    Vice President: Luke Kim

    Secretary: Mikayla Mendez


    4th Grade Representatives

    Zoey Sloan 
    Cash Craw
    Kassie Bailey 
    Audrey Moser 
    Luke Kim 
    Rylee McHale 

    5th Grade Representatives

    Roz Youssi 
    Layla Talamantes
    Grayson Fabozi 
    Drew Pablos 
    Raemilia Ellazar 
    Mikayla Mendez
    Keegan Perez