Attendance Office

  • ATTENDANCE – Absences

    Please contact the Attendance Line each day of your child's absence at (951) 302-5189 or email

    Mrs. Crisp at with the following information:
    1. Student's Name
    2. The reason for the absence
    3. Your name and relationship to the student
    4. A daytime callback number

    If you do not clear your student's absence you will receive a phone call and an email from the attendance office asking you to verify the absence. If parent contact is not made, the student's absence will remain uncleared/unverified.  Uncleared/unverified absences may lead to truancy.

    Please Note:

    “Excused absences” are for illness, medical/dental appointments, and bereavement.
    “Unexcused absences” are those absences with the parent’s knowledge, which are not listed above, such as a family trip, babysitting, inclement weather, or court appearance, etc.
    “Truancy” is an absence without parent knowledge or consent and absences which are not cleared by a parent/guardian within a reasonable time.

    When it is Necessary to Leave School Early

    When it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day, please follow the procedure below:

    • If you need to check out your student early, you will need to come to the front office to sign them out. Please bring your ID with you.
      Once you have signed them out we will call them out of class.  This may take a few minutes so please plan your timing accordingly.
    • A note can be sent with the student to bring to the Attendance Office. Have the student bring the note to the Attendance Office before school, at Break/Lunch or between classes. Students are not to bring notes to the Attendance Office during class time.
    • An email can also be sent to Mrs. Crisp,, with the same information as above.
    • Your student will come to the attendance office to check out and will be sent out through the main office door. Students should not leave through any of the school gates.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    ATTENDANCE – Doctor/Dentist Notes

    It is recommended that you ask for a Doctor note each time your student misses school due to an appointment.

    Doctor's notes are required to excuse illness absences of 3 or more consecutive days.

    If a student is out sick 14 days or more in a school year, a Doctor's note is required for each illness absence.

    ATTENDANCE - Tardies

    Students are to report to the attendance office if they arrive after the 8:15 am bell rings, (9:15 on late-start Mondays).
    Students arriving over 30 minutes late to school should be accompanied by a parent. If the parent cannot come into school to sign them in, a note is required.  If a student is 30 minutes or more late, without a note or parent sign in, they may be considered as truant.
    Students who have reoccurring tardies will have disciplinary consequences.  If a student has 5 or more tardies in a given period they will be assigned a 3-day lunch detention.  Excessive tardies throughout the semester, to multiple periods, will also result in disciplinary consequences.

    ATTENDANCE – Homework

    When a student is unable to come to school, homework can usually be found on the teacher’s individual websites.  
    It is the student’s responsibility upon returning to school to ask teachers for make-up work.
    After 3 consecutive absences, a formal homework request may be made through the front office. Teachers will have 24 hours to complete the request.  Work may be picked up in the office.