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    Lenora () Geyer

    Graduation Year: 2017
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Dr. Lenora Geyer



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Dr. Lenora Geyer

Hi, I am Dr. Geyer.  I am excited to be your child's teacher. I come with a wide array of experience.  

I have taught for 25 years in various classroom settings. 

In GENERAL EDUCATION I have taught in Kindergarten, 4th grade, 6th grade Language Arts/History Core, 6th Grade Math/ Science Core and Home Economics 6th - 8th grade.  

I have taught SPECIAL EDUCATION at all grade levels: Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School. 

I have also taught  Gate and At-Risk Classes. 

I have been married for 45 years an have 6 children and their spouses  and 26 grandchildren. 

I have many hobbies.  I love to read, write poetry, sew, cook, play the piano, harmonica, violin and guitar, garden, camp, travel,  ride my scooter, and exercise in many forms including swimming in lakes and oceans and hiking.  I love to learn and study literature, health and nutrition, culture, religion and psychology.  I love to spend time with my family and most of all, my grandchildren. 


  • We will be learning about many things in Home Ec.  A list of the things we will learn include:

    Self Awareness


    Family and Friends

    Goal Setting

    Managing Resources--Time, Energy and Money

    Child Development and Babysitting

    Health, Nutrition and Weight Management

    Working in tne Kitchen and Kitchen Safety

    Understanding Food Groups


    Clothing Care


    Interior Design

    Career Education

    Your child will need the following supplies:  1" 3 ring binder, spiral notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, markers or colored pencils, pencil sharpener