The Visual and Performing Arts Department (VAPA) offers a wide variety of elective courses, including opportunities for students to earn college credit in Advanced Placement Courses.

    The Visual Arts Department offers classes in Introduction to Art, Drawing and Painting, 3D Art, Ceramics, and Advanced Placement Studio Art.  Visual Arts also offers instruction in Video-Media and Advanced Video-Media Arts.  Student work is shown at school, in local galleries, district and public venues, and entered in various contests, or in the case of Video-Media, viewed on school-wide TV broadcasts.

    The Performing Arts Department offers classes in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Choir, Dance, and Drama.  The Instrumental Department offers instruction in Band, Orchestra, and Guitar.  Depending on demand, the Music Department also offers Music Appreciation and Advanced Placement Music Theory.  Student work is visible at school performances, festivals, competitions, and performances at local service organizations and community events.

  • The VAPA Team


    Grace Donnely- Ceramics

    Martha Guy- Visual Art


    Rob Hodo- Vocal Music


    Chris Irvin- Theatre Arts


    Alyssa Salas- Dance


    Cristos Thiveos- Visual Art