• Physical Education Courses Offered:

    Physical Education:

    This course is designed to continue to give students the opportunity to gain personal fitness skills and knowledge through an enriched Physical Education program. Students will be empowered to make choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime.

    Physical Education Teachers: Mr. Adkins

    Mr. Eagleton

    Mrs. Shanahan


    Fitness Walking:

    Students will experience walking as a simple way to boost activity levels while improving overall physical and mental well being. Regular walking is a healthy habit that comes with a multitude of benefits including; reducing your risk of heart disease, improving your blood pressure, improving your blood sugar levels, improving your blood lipid profile, enhancing your mental well being,helping to maintain a healthy weight, strengthening your bones, improving your balance and coordination, and assists in lessening feelings of being overwhelmed and helping to calm negative emotions.

    Fitness walking teacher: Mrs. Shanahan