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  • Happy Fall Ya'll!

    Dear Alamos Families,

     It is official…Fall has finally arrived! May this season of Thanks and Giving, greet you and your family with simple pleasures and bountiful blessings. Quickly approaching our 4th month of school, Alamos is a hub of teaching and learning. Our students have settled confidently into school routines and we are well on our way to another school successful year!



    Thank you to all of our parents who attended parent-teacher conferences. In a busy world filled with texts and emails, a good ole’ face to face conversation about student achievement is so refreshing! The home – school connection is so very important and it reminds our students that we are a team invested in their success. If you were not able to attend a conference, it is never too late! Please reach out to your child’s teacher and request a meeting. We know that lives are very busy and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.


     Have you ever wondered how schools are funded? Perhaps you would like to know more about how expenditures are aligned to achievement goals and specific student populations. If ever these questions have crossed your mind, you might want to consider joining our Community Advisory Partnership, otherwise known as CAP. Our CAP team consists of parents, community members, teachers, and other school staff. The team plays an important role in analyzing data, prioritizing needs, collecting input and spending LCAP funds. We held our first CAP meeting last week and together, we studied student achievement data, prioritized a “needs” list and drafted a proposal outlining new programs and expenditures. Our next meeting will be in December and parents are encouraged to attend. Please be on the lookout for more information.


    Happy Teachers Change the World! We continue in our endeavor this year to create calm, happy and safe learning environments that teach students how to self regulate emotions. You may have noticed our monthly marque quotes such as…Get Your Calm OnJust Choose to Be Happy or Just Breathe. Our positive and intentional messages are just one such way we encourage our school community to be mindful of their attitude and behavior. Did you know that schools are not only tasked with the enormous responsibility of teaching academic standards but are required to teach students appropriate standards of behavior? Discipline comes from the word disciple which means to teach. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports commonly referred to as PBIS is a school-wide approach to disciplining or “teaching” children about appropriate behaviors that helps to ensure a safer and more effective school. It is no longer enough to tell a student to behave or be respectful without first explicitly teaching what it means to behave or be respectful. With PBIS, instructional time is more effective and the overall school environment is calm, positive and conducive to learning. PBIS standards are introduced at our Flag Salute Assembly twice a month and practiced in classrooms throughout the year.



    Lastly, don’t forget to wear red, white and blue as you join us this Friday, November 8th at 9 am for a very special Veterans Day Flag Salute Assembly. As always, I am humbled to be your child’s leader as it is most certainly the best job in the world! I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season ahead.




    Jenniffer Aynesworth, Principal

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  • Flag Salute

    Join us every Friday at 9:00 on the blacktop for our Flag Salute Assembly.

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