Canine Inspections

  • In our continuing effort to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff, TVUSD has retained the services of a canine inspection company. This company provides scent-trained detection canines to minimize the presence of unwanted contraband on campus.

    More specifically, the canines make periodic visits to each high school, and middle school, campus in the district on an unannounced basis throughout the school year. The canines are trained to detect illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, and gunpowder-based items, including guns and commonly abused medications. Items found are processed in accordance with school policy.

    TVUSD is taking a proactive approach to school safety by working with a canine inspection company to search school premises using certified, reliable detection dogs that are non-aggressive, friendly, and approachable.

Program Goals:

    • Deter students from bringing drugs, alcohol, guns/weapons, and explosives to school
    • Use a positive, proactive approach
    • Give students an excuse to "SAY NO" to drugs, alcohol, and guns/weapons
    • Be non-intrusive and effective
    • Create a safe environment for students to learn

    This joint program provides a consistent deterrent to drugs, alcohol, or firearms/weapons on campus. These unannounced random visits have been shown to have a profound effect on a student's decision to bring contraband onto school property. Dogs are visible and have become a recognized presence in our schools.