• NJROTC Ribbons

    Academic Stars/Honor Roll:

    Awarded to any Cadetwho attains school honor roll status (3.0-3.99 unweighted).  The award is denoted by wearing a service star above the J-bar on the collar of any uniform.  The star will be worn 1/4 inch above and centered on the "O" of the JROTC device.  TWO service stars may be worn to indicate the cadet is on the principal's honor roll, which is a 4.0 unweighted gpa at Chaparral High School, or straight "A" grade average for that marking period (semester).  The award is only worn during such time as the cadet is on the current honor roll.  If a cadet is no longer listed when a new honor roll is published, the award shall be removed or reduced as appropriate.


    One star for 3.0-3.99 unweighted semester gpa

    Two stars for 4.0 unweighted semester gpa