• Recognition of the military chain of command is long established in the Navy.  The chain extends from the president to the most junior seaman recruit.  Each individual must understand that this system is not only mandated by regulations, but is also a form of naval courtesy.  This means respecting and being prompt in orders from seniors, and being fair and compassionate toward juniors while still exacting obedience from them.

    The Navy's NJROTC program is organized like a pyramid, with one person on top and many people (cadet seaman recruits) on the bottom.  For NJROTC purposes, from the highest to lowest, it runs like this:

    1.  Commander-in-Chief (President of the United States):   Joe Biden

    2.  Secretary of Defense:  Lloyd Austin

    3.  Secretary of the Navy:  Carlos Del Toro

    4.  Commander, Naval Education and Training Command:  Rear Admiral (UH) Garvin

    5.  Commander, Naval Service Training Command:  Rear Admiral (LH) Jennifer Couture

    6.  NJROTC Area Manager:  Commander Tom Garcia, USN, Ret.

    7.  Senior Naval Science Instructor:  Commander William Lauper, USN, Ret.

    8.  Naval Science Instructor:  First Sergeant Leo Ruiz, USMC, Ret.

    9.  Cadet Commanding Officer:  Cadet Lieutenant Commander Kendall Hong

    10.  Cadet Executive Officer:  Cadet Lieutenant Anjhela Coloma