• Welcome to AP Physics 2!

    AP Physics 2 is the second in a sequence of two year-long algebra-based physics courses that are available. Students in this course have completed AP Physics 1 and have been determined, either by college board examination or by the instructor, to have met the prerequisite standards to be successful in AP Physics 2. 

    AP Physics 1 content focuses primarily on Newtonian mechanics, energy and momentum.

    AP Physics 2 is a broad course that extends student learning to the study of fluids, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, circuits, optics, quantum mechanics, and atomic and nuclear physics. We will explore these topics through lab, discussion, and lots of problem-solving. 

    Summer assigment: Make sure that you remember forces and motion from AP Physics 1. We will use the language of energy, forces, momentum, and, of course, we will use free body diagrams!