What can my child expect?

  • I emphasize kindness, collaboration, and a sense of community in my classroom. 

    • I use Class Dojo to manage classroom behaviors. Students can earn Dojo points in several ways. For example, students who complete their homework/class work, students who help others, for donating school supplies, for working hard or persevering, good behavior during drills, getting a compliment from another teacher, acts of kindness, completing their class job or going above and beyond, etc. Students can also lose Dojo points for engaging in unwanted behaviors such as not completing their work, not being kind to others, talking or not paying attention during instruction, etc. Students can cash in their Dojo points every Friday for prizes and extra privileges (modified seating, choosing their class job, etc.). Parents can view their students' progress by connecting to Class Dojo with the link I provided at the beginning of the year. If you are a parent in my current class and have not connected and would like to, please email me at lmizner@tvusd.us
    • Students will usually sit in groups to foster peer-to-peer interactions and to encourage collaboration. Groups will be reassigned often throughout the year to give students an opportunity to interact with as many different peers as possible. This also helps to build a stronger sense of community as students build multiple connections. 
    • Each student will be assigned a class job at the beginning of the year. Each week students will be given the chance to buy a different job using their Dojo points. Students can earn Dojo points by completing their job or also lose Dojo points if they neglect their duties. There are many different jobs available to appeal to a wide range of students. This gives students a chance to find a job that suits their strengths and encourages responsibility within our classroom.