I am passionate about STEAM and emphasis these skills in my classroom.

  • What is STEAM? STEAM is an acronym that represents multiple subjects.

    • S represents science. 
    • T represents technology.
    • E represents engineering.
    • A represents art.
    • M represents mathematics. 

    Does your student have to be an artist, or "good at science" to benefit or succeed in STEAM? No, STEAM also emphasizes collaboration, creative thinking, and problem solving. STEAM encourages students to try, and that mistakes are part of the process. 

    Does this mean literacy and writing are ignored? No, the great thing about STEAM is that reading and writing are valuable skills that are used throughout the learning process. Students will often read informational text to research topics as well as write proposals for engineering or answering a hypothesis. History is often tied into STEAM projects as well. There will also be dedicated instruction time for these subjects to be explicitly taught.