Why UDL? Students have different needs, interest, ability, backgrounds, and language.

I believe ALL students can learn, albeit in their own time and in their own way.

  • Your child is unique, with his or her own interests, personalities, and abilities. This is why I use the principles of Universal Design Learning (UDL) to create an engaging classroom where your child can succeed.

    1. The first principle is to use multiple means of engagement. What does this look like? This means allowing your student choices when possible, connecting their interests to the material being taught, encouraging students to create attainable goals, and using self-assessments to evaluate his or her own learning.
    2. The second principle uses multiple means of representation. This means I will use a combination of methods to present materials to your student. This includes visual aids, such as the Smart Board, posters, bulletin boards, etc. It also means using different types of auditory learning, such as read alouds and audio books.
    3. The third principle is multiple means of action and expression. This means your child will have the opportunity to show what they know through different types of media and presentation methods. I strive to create a balanced approach for using technology in the classroom as well as hands-on learning.

    To sum it up, not every child thinks in the same way. I use a combination of methods to engage and connect your student to what they are learning, as well as present the information they need to learn in a variety of ways, and allow your student to showcase what they have learned in a way that is meaningful to them.