Interdistrict Transfer Requests Into TVUSD - For Students Currently Enrolled



    2023/24 (current) school year:        Available now, based on space availability  

    2024/25 (Next) school year: Available after, January 15, 2024. 


    Students from Murrieta and San Diego County Districts:

    As of the 2022-23 school year, Interdistrict Transfer requests between TVUSD and the following districts will be approved for the entire grade span (elementary, middle, or high school) :

    • Murrieta Valley Unified School District
    • All school districts within San Diego County

    Once approved, students from these districts will only need to submit renewal requests for middle school (6th grade) and high school (9th grade).

    Students from all other districts will need to continue to submit yearly renewal requests up until, and including, 10th grade.


    Step 1:  Contact your district of residence to obtain an approved "Interdistrict Transfer Request Form" out of their district  (also known as "Attendance Permit" or "Release") 

    ♦ If you live in the Murrieta district:   (to check, click on their school locator map, here)

    You may access their Interdistrict Transfer request form online on their website, here.  Please submit Murrieta district forms in PDF format, and with your hand-written signature, to   

    ♦ All other districts:

    Please start at their website and/or contact them to obtain an approved Interdistrict Transfer request form.  Most other districts will send their approved forms directly to us.  You may also submit their approved and signed form in PDF format, to   

    Step 2:   Wait to hear back from us

    Once you have submitted your Interdistrict Transfer Request Form, your child is allowed to continue to be enrolled and attend our district while we send a response, unless you are notified otherwise.

    Responses will be sent via email as follows:

    • For requests received up until 15 days before the start of a school year: 

    As soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the first day of school

    • For requests received 15 days before the start of a school year and after

    As soon as possible and no later than 30 days after receipt of the transfer request form approved by your home district

    Please Note:

    Transfer requests are subject to space availability for transfer students at the school, grade and/or program requested. 

    We reserve the right to place students at any of our schools within the district. 

    Step 3:   (Before each new school year only)

    For each new school year, students who are NOT changing school level (elementary to middle, or middle to high), may move forward with the Annual Update/OLR before their renewal is approved, since they are independent processes.  

    However, students who ARE changing school level (elementary to middle, or middle to high), will not have an enrollment until they have an approved Interdistrict Transfer in place, and will NOT be able to complete the Annual Update/OLR until then.


    That's it!  Nothing else is required.



    For questions regarding transfers that are NOT answered on our web pages or in the FAQ, or if you need to make a change or cancel a transfer request, please email or call 951-294-6212.