Elementary School Curriculum - 5th-Grade Human Growth and Development (HG&D)


    TVUSD provides Human Growth and Development instruction in 5th grade only. The instruction is guided by a binder of prepared materials that includes curriculum and videos, related to human growth and development. The curriculum has been offered by TVUSD for many years in 5th grade and it covers Hygiene, Psychological, Social and Emotional changes students may experience during this time of their childhood. TVUSD is dedicated to providing transparency of all curriculum and has prepared a Parent Informational video in an effort to provide information regarding this curriculum. For more information or any other questions or concerns, please contact Beth Russell at brussell@tvusd.us.  She will be happy to contact you by phone or make an appointment with you to review the planned curriculum or answer any questions.  

    The California Health Framework is designed to help students access the information they need to grow into healthy adults and is aligned with California's health standards. However, the framework is not mandatory because California gives local school districts the freedom to address local needs. It is a guide that districts may use in developing a scope and sequence for locally designed health education programs. Since the health framework provides a guide and is not mandatory, California is not requiring teachers to teach gender identity as part of the health framework. The Health Curriculum Framework for elementary students is separate from the California Healthy Youth Act of 2016, which requires students to receive comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education once in middle school and once in high school. This information is not part of the 5th grade curriculum. 

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