CDPH Guidance for the Use of Face Masks
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    Frequently Asked Questions February 25, 2022

    1. How does the CDC announcement Friday about reducing mask requirements impact us? California 
    schools must follow CDPH guidelines. Although CDC came out with an announcement loosening mask 
    requirements across the nation, CDPH has not yet done so.  We anticipate hearing from CDPH very 
    soon, as they have typically follow CDC within days.

    2. Why are students still required to wear masks while indoors at school?
    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) continues to require that all students in 
    California schools must wear masks while indoors, subject to very limited exceptions in which case 
    a face shield with drape is required.

    2. Do staff have to wear masks?
    Per CDPH guidelines, staff must wear masks at school while in the presence of students. If students 
    are not present, masks are optional for vaccinated staff members.  Unvaccinated staff must wear 
    masks under OSHA regulations, with limited exceptions.

    3. Does the District or Governing Board have the authority to remove the mask requirement or make 
    it optional?
    No.  The CDPH supersedes all district or board authority on this matter, and unless and until the 
    CDPH and OSHA requirements are withdrawn or overruled by a court, the mask requirements remain in 

    4. Why are other some districts taking action to remove the requirement or make it optional?
    We cannot speculate on the reason(s) a small number of other districts have changed their 
    enforcement of the mandatory CDPH rule.  A time may come when local districts could be empowered to 
    make mask decisions based on local health data but until then the requirements are clear and not 

    5. When might mask requirements change?
    The Governor has expressed that he will present an update to mask requirements for schools by 
    February 28th.  We anxiously await this information and will share it our stakeholders immediately.