• Culinary Arts III Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation is the Capstone Course in the HTR Pathway.  This is the first year that Great Oak High School is offering this course.  We are following the model which was created at Temecula Valley High School.  Although we do not have the same facility, we strive to provide the same opportunities for our students.


    Students in Culinary Arts III will explore the business aspects of Culinary Arts.  Starting a Business in the industry, planning events, creating menus, and organizing all aspects of planning events, from music to lighting, to locations and clean up!

    The culinary focus of this course is Baking and Pastry.  Skills learned in Culinary I and II will be used to further expand their gained knowledge.  Students will focus their skills on the finer details of Baking and Pastry.  

    Students will also be given opportunities for internships in the community.  We will work with the district to arrange those internships.