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    Motivate, monitor, and manage students’ independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a true love for reading!

  • Accelerated Reader Awards and Prizes

    A.R. prizes will be awarded during library time on the first Mondays of each month (except for Monday, May 24th).  If the student is not present the wheel will be spun for them and a prize awarded. Prize pick up will be scheduled after February 9th. Instructions for upcoming pick up will be given during library time.  Please do not call the office.  Please email Ms. Tarry at if you have any questions.

  • All prizes are awarded with one wheel spin. If duplicate prize is won students may choose to spin again or keep the prize.

    *Prizes on the wheel are subject to change according to availability.

    Monday, February 1 st     Test cutoff date January 25th
    Monday, March 1 st         Test cutoff date February 22nd
    Monday, April 5th            Test cutoff date March 15th
    Monday, May 3 rd            Test cutoff date April 26th
    Monday, May 24th           Test cutoff date May 5th         

    *Students can continue to take Accelerated Reader test until the end of the year but test taken after May 15th will not
    count toward prize points.