• Grade                                 Regular Spanish Class                   Spanish Speakers


    9th                                       Level 1                                            Spanish Speakers 1


    10th                                    Level 2                                              Spanish Speakers 2 or
                                                                                                      possibly AP Language

                                                                                                      Bi-Literacy Seal Candidate


    11th                                     Level 3  or                                        Possible AP Literature
                                               I.B. Year 1

    12th                                    AP Language/ Level 4                    DONE WITH SPANISH!

                                              I.B. Year 2

                                              Dual Enrollment for A.S.L.

                                              Bi-Literacy Seal Candidate


    Do you want to skip two years of Foreign Language?

    Then enroll in Spanish for Spanish Speakers!


    - Because you already know the basics of the language!

    - From Spanish Speakers 1 you MAY be able to jump to AP Language

      (Students that score a 3 or better on the A.P. Exam may receive college credit)

    - From AP Language you MAY be able to go to AP Spanish Literature


    This means that by taking 3 years of the recommended Foreign Language, two of the years can be at the Advanced Placement level!