Chromebook Protocol

  • HP Chromebook


    Student's may check-out a District Chromebook for use during the school year upon receipt of a Technology Use and Liability Agreement signed by both the student and parent.  This can also be done via Etrieve.   

    Device Insurance

    Device Insurance is offered at a cost of $20.00 for the school year to:

    • New students.
    • Students who decide to use a District Chromebook instead of their own.

    The insurance covers damage and theft with proof of a police report, but it does not cover loss of a device.  Parent can purchase Device Insurance from the TVUSD Website.


    The cost of a Chromebook ranges from $200 - $350. 

    Lost AC chargers will be billed as follows:

    • Chromebook Charger (barrel) - $45.00
    • Chromebook Charger (USB-C) - $55.00


Chromebook Care

Chromebook Care & Use Guide

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