Canvas or Google Classroom?

  • Regarding online learning, all my classes have transfered over to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) as of 9/1/2020. We will only use the Google Classroom LMS as a back up, in case students or teachers experience technical difficulties with Canvas.

    If it becomes necessary to use Google Classroom, I have listed below the code for your period to add yourself, if you have not done so already. (For information on "Online Class Meetings," refer to the link on the left.)

    How to Add Yourself to a Google Classroom

    1st Period (Accelerated 7): pyl4oo7

    2nd Period (Accelerated 7): po3nnuk

    3rd Period (Math 7): 64uiiho

    5th Period (Math 7): f4e3uto

    6th Period (Math 7): pldsgwn

Google Classroom to Canvas